American Revolution

  • French and Indian War ends

    This war left England with a lot of debt. In order to pay off that debt, they imposed heavy taxes on the Colonists in North America. These taxes angered Americans, and led to revolt, and eventually the American Revolution.
  • Stamp Act

    The stamp act put a tax on all items made of paper.
  • Battle of Lexington and Concord

    The British attemped to seize a weapon stockpile from Concord. They marched right through LExington where they encountered resistance from Colonist minutemen. In Concord, however the colonists outnumbered and defeated the British redcoats.
  • Period: to

    American Invasion of Canada

    The Americans invaded Canada in 1775 to try to establish it as another colony. Ultimately this campaign to take the fight to britain (or at least their territories) failed.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    This battle, like Lexington and Concord were fought pre-independence. This battle was fought between the United Colonies Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island and William Howe's British Army. It was a pyrhhic victory for the British, and showed that the colonists could hold their own against British forces.
  • Declaration of Independence

    This was a statement released by the Continental Congress that stated that the thirteen colonies were seperating from Britain. They planned to form a Union of thirteen states.
  • Battle of Trenton

    This battle was fought between George Washington's Continental Army and Johann Rall's Hessians. Washington's troops caught the Hessians off guard on the 26th after the Americans snuck across the Delaware river by night and marched nine miles to Trenton.
  • First Battle of Saratoga

    John Burgoyne's Redcoats against Gates, Arnold, and Morgan's American Forces. General Burgoyne won a small victory over the Americans, but with many casualties. The first battle started when Burgoyne flanked the entrenched Americans. Arnold was expecting that and put a lot of troops in Burgoyne's way and fighting ensued.
  • Second Battle of Saratoga

    This began with the british Grenadiers opening fire on American Enoch Poor's men. Because of terrain their shooting was largely ineffective. The Grenadiers, led by Major Acland launched a bayonet charge. They were largely gunned down by Poor's men and Acland was shot in the legs twice. On the other side of the battle, Morgan's marksmen were picking off the British. They mortally wounded General Fraser, and three shots were fired at Burgoyne's horse, hat, and waistcoat. I ran out of room :(
  • Siege of Yorktown

    This battle was between Washington's Continental Army, their Allies Rochambeau and Grasse's French Army and Cornwallis, O'Hara, and Symond's British forces. In this siege, the British were pushed up against the peninsula, with the French Navy keeping them from escape by sea. The Frenach and Americans slowly moved forward, destroying the British defenses. Eventually the British surrendered, marking the end of the war.