American lit

  • Native American/ Creation

    THE WORLD ON THE TURTLES BACK- A girl fell from the sky and she fell on the turtles back, it carried her to land. and then someone put arrows on her and she got pregant then had her chid out of her armpit.
  • Sinners in the hands of an Angry God

    by Johnathan Edwards and it’s a sermon
  • poor richards almanack: ben franklin

    a list of sayings to live by
  • speech in the virginia convention: patrick henry

    he believes that they should fight.
  • the crisis: thomas paine

    God thinks we should fight against the British, he is just giving a speech trying to convince people they should fight
  • Olaudah Equiano

    a boy was getting onto a ship and chained to other people. he just ecplains how the living conditions were on the ship and what all happened on day to day life.
  • the autobiography of ben franklin

    A autobiography of ben and how he goes about his life and how organized he is.
  • The fall of the house of usher

    A man spends week with an old friends at a house who has a twin and they basically start going crazy.
  • The raven

    A black bird keeps tapping on stuff and it’s really just loneliness
  • Thoreau

    Walden (1854): He went and lived in the woods away from everyone jsut to say he has lived.
    Civil Disobedience (1849): how some poeple shouldnt be so liked by the law and how unlawful things are sometimes.
  • The tide rises the tide falls

    Nomatter what is going on in life It’ll be over at some point. A man is walking to a village
  • Emerson

    Self- reliance (1888) - it was preaching about how you need to be yourself and its bettter to be yourselfthen to change to try to fit in.
    Nature (1836): he went out into the wilderness to live his life and he just talked about how beautiful nature was
  • the crucible : aurther miller

    This was a play written about a group of girls that were dancing in the forest and later get accused of witch craft. Later on some get hanged and some fight the court. It is a wild story of what was happening during the witch trials.