Civil War Timeline by Ms.Noble

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  • Abraham Lincoln becomes President

    Watch this short video about Abraham Lincoln and write down a few facts about him. []
  • Southern states secede

    Southern states secede
    This map shows us the division in the United States. Let's view them. []
  • Civil War officially begins

    The South attacks the North. What caused the civil war to happen? Watch this video to find out.
  • The Battle of Bull Run

    The Confederacy won this battle which means the Union had lost. Many people on both sides of the battle either lost their lives or were wounded. What are some difference between the Confederates and the Union?
  • The Most Horrifying Battle

    The Antietam Battle was the most gruesome battle during the Civil War. Nearly 14,220 men were killed or wounded. This was a Union Victory.
  • Lincoln Signs the Emancipation Proclamation

    Lincoln Signs the Emancipation Proclamation
    This proclamation is such an important part of American history. This document declared that all persons held as slaves were to be set free.
  • Gettysburg Address

    Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address. This is one of the most influential speeches ever given in American history. Do you think this speech was very long compared to other speeches in history? []
  • The End of the Civil War

    Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Union General Ulysses S. Grant. Only three days later, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. Explain the effect this had on Americans.