American history

  • the Navigation act

    the Navigation act
    The navigation act was for 1651-1660 it was passed in England but wasn't enforced until the reign of George III.( Editors)
  • The sugar act

    The sugar act
    there were two acts that were passed to help protect west British and with the foreign west indies( Editors)
  • The stamp act

    The stamp act
    The stamp act was placed in 1765 on newspapers and on important papers and on calenders and also on playing cards ( Editors)
  • The Boston massacre

    The Boston massacre
    The Boston massacre broke out in 1770. it broke between the town workers and the soldiers. its problem was with the citizens.( Editors)
  • The fall of new York

    The fall of new York
    A big British force appeared in July 1776 in new york. The king wanted to end the war. ( Editors)
  • The Independence declared

    The Independence declared
    In June of 1776, was a day to remember in history the independence document was approved by the continental congress on the fourth of July and this is why we celebrate it every year by throwing fireworks or having parts( Editors)
  • The fall of the philadelphia

    The fall of the philadelphia
    They sailed from new york in July to the commanding city with the order to aid Burgoyne. The last independence of Christian greek settled in the west of Asia minor. ( Editors)
  • The treaty Paris

    The treaty Paris
    In 1781 the fight was over but the war was not fully over until they got the treaty of pairs signed but in 1763 the treaty of pairs end ( Editors)
  • The meeting

    The meeting
    In 1785 Gorge Washington called a meeting between Maryland and Virginia. James Madison gave the idea of each state meet to talk about the problems.( Editors)
  • slavery

    Congress couldn't prevent the importance of slaves by 1808 so they had to pay taxes on their slaves and ten dollars on their best slave.( Editors)