american history

  • Civil war

    This war ranks higher than that of #3 because #3 left one question unanswered after the drafting of the Constitution: if all men are created equal, why are blacks bought and sold, families of them broken up, and in other ways inhumanely treated for the purpose of using them like farm animals? Why aren’t blacks allowed to vote? Are they, at long last, men?In order to circumvent this last question, most white citizens, especially in the South, actually argued that black people were not humans, but
  • manhattan project

    It is risky to take pride in weaponry, lest doing so lead people to believe that the proud are villains. America is not a land of evil people. But like all nations of peoples, Americans are warlike, and proud of their almighty ability to defend themselves “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”To that end, scientists, led by Robert Oppenheimer and Enrico Fermi, labored diligently for some 6 years developing nuclear physics to an understanding requisite to crank out a weapon of unfathomable
  • lousiana purchase

    It’s been mentioned more than once before on Listverse, and you’re probably familiar with it anyway, but let us not forget that with one shrewd business deal, Thomas Jefferson doubled the United States of America’s area. The U. S. paid 60 million francs, and canceled French debts totaling another 18 million, for a grand total of 78 million francs, or about $15 million. Today, that would be worth about $220 million, which is an extraordinarily good sale price for 828,800 square miles.
  • vietnam war

    Unfortunately, the only president who stepped back and looked at the whole picture was shot in the head in Dallas, plausibly to stop him from removing all American activity from Southeast Asia. The president who came after him wanted the War at all costs, and various motives have been put forth, including his own selfish oil interests. War is big business and historically improved an economy by motivating people to enter the workforce and construct weapons. But no one wanted the war in Vietnam.
  • assasination of Kennedy

    The jury is still out, and probably will be for a very long time, as to why in the world Kennedy had to die. There are loads of conspiracy theories, most centering on the Chicago mafia. Sam Giancana is thought to have rigged the election to get Kennedy into the Office, but why he did this is a long, complicated story. In general, Giancana believed his interests would fare better under Kennedy. The answer is almost always money. However much the mafia might have thought Kennedy would be on their
  • American Revolution

    The establishment of America as a nation all its own occurred from 19 April 1775 to October 1781. Hostilities were required because the British considered the Thirteen Colonies nothing more than another exclave of the global British Empire, and King George wanted the lion’s share of all the Colonies’ wealth. America’s Founding Fathers had had enough, and when 8 Minutemen were killed on Lexington Green, the fight was on.The next year, in one of the Continental Congress’s many meetings, Benjamin F
  • abraham lincoln assasination

    lincoln gave his inagural address, the famous "charity for all speech on march 4, 1865 one month before his death. There is a photograph of him giving this speech which also shows John Wilkis booth above him and behind him.
  • gov. Hobart Bigelow signs legislation creating the storrs agricultural school

    classes begin with 3 faculty members and 13 boys enrolled
  • storrs agricultural school

    Benjamin Koons becomes principal of storrs agricultural school in 1893, his title is changed to president
  • alumni association founded

    The schools first students orginizations the elect society and the lonian society are established. the society served as literary discussion groups.