American Diversity

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    American Diversity

    Events That Changed American Diversity
  • Anglo Saxon’s come to America

    Anglo Saxon’s come to America
    This was the first integration of the Anglo Saxon people to the “new world.” This integration was the first of many the snowballed into the United States coming one of the most diverse countries in the world.
  • Baltimore is founded

    Baltimore is founded
    Maryland was made for a refuge for the Catholics to escape the wrath of the Protestant English government. This allowed a wide variety of people a safe haven and in doing so create a more diverse nation.
  • Fugitive Slave Act

    Fugitive Slave Act
    This act severely limited that privileges of slaves and denied them the basic rights that made the United States stand out. Due to this act the diversity of the United States was seriously affected.
  • Second Great Awakening

    Second Great Awakening
    The United States was becoming a more culturally diverse nation in the early-to-mid-19th century, and the growing differences within American Protestantism reflected and contributed to this diversity. The Awakening influenced numerous reform movements, especially abolitionists
  • Cherokee Removal "Trail of Tears"

    Cherokee Removal "Trail of Tears"
    The removal of thousands of Indians to reservations in Oklahoma had a drastic impact on diversity throughout the United States as thousands of Native Americans died during the movement.
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin Published

    Uncle Tom's Cabin Published
    The publishing of this book allowed millions of Americans to see the true horrors of slavery and in doing so sparked the movement of many reforms and an impact on diversity
  • Chinese immigration for railroads

    Chinese immigration for railroads
    The immigration of Chinese immigrants that began in 1852 included massive amounts of these Chinese workers. Many of who looked for work on the railroads. The mass influx of these Chinese brought about a large change in Diversity within the United States.
  • Movement of Italians (new immigrants)

    Movement of Italians (new immigrants)
    These immigrants came from South and East Europe (Italians, Croats, etc.) and weren’t used to democracy in any form. This movement of these immigrants had a large effect on diversity within the United States.
  • Super wealthy Classes (Carnegie Steel)

    Super wealthy Classes (Carnegie  Steel)
    Beginning in the early 20th century the development of this super wealthy class further divided the American social classes as these extremely wealthy individuals emerged.
  • Emerging of the Middle Class

    Emerging of the Middle Class
    As people such as Henry Ford began to make items such as automobiles more affordable to the common man the emerging of a middle class became much more prevalent in the United States.
  • Immigration Quota Act

    Immigration Quota Act
    This act limited the number of immigrants that could immigrate to the United States based on the population of the immigrants home country. This act severely limited the number of individuals that could migrate to America thus having a large effect on the diversity of the nation.
  • Hispanics movement (Braceros) due to WWII

    Hispanics movement (Braceros) due to WWII
    This program was developed by the United States during WWII in order to bring more laborers to America to manufacture war time goods. The large influx of Hispanic people brought with it a large change in diversity.
  • Jewish Migration due to WWII

    Jewish Migration due to WWII
    The migration of thousands of Jewish people to the United States during WWII due to the harsh treatment of their culture brought with it many changes in diversity.
  • MLK Jr. speech 1963

    MLK Jr. speech 1963
    Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous speech stirred up many controversial reforms within the nation. Shortly after the speech the Civil Rights Act was passed which forever changed diversity and how individuals were treated in the States.
  • Civil Rights Act 1964

    Civil Rights Act 1964
    The Civil Rights Act of 1964 brought with a momentous change that millions had been lobbying for for decades. The act forever changed diversity in the United States.