American Cultures II: Leitner

By Dleit66
  • Plessy vs. Ferguson

    Plessy vs. Ferguson
    U.S. Supreme Court rule for segragation of whites and blacks but both have to have the same amount of facilities. This dosent distinguish on the quality of the facilities.
  • Battleship Maine

    Battleship Maine
    The battleship Maine blows up and sinks anchored in Cuba's Havana harbor.
  • The Hague

    The Hague
    The delegates from the US and 25 other nations come together at The Hague, discussing current events and tactics of warfare.
  • The Gentlemen's Agreement

    The Gentlemen's Agreement
    The United States and Japan have an agreement that Japan will limit the amount of japanese laborers entering the United States
  • Struck Oil

    Struck Oil
    Oil is found at Spindletop, near Beaumont, Texas. This would make the United States very wealthy and help with foreign affairs.
  • U.S. Steel

    U.S. Steel
    United States steel is organized and became the first billion dollar company in the U.S.
  • Strike!

    The United Mine workers stage a strike against arthracite coal mine. President Roosevelt appointed a staff to oversee the settlement.
  • The People Can!

    The People Can!
    Oregon was the first state to start the initiative and referendum meaning the people can initiate legislation
  • Disperse!

    Panama breaks off from Columbia rule, making way for the American Canel.
  • Orville Wright

    Orville Wright
    The brother to make the first successful flight on an aircraft, lasting only 12 seconds in the town of Kitty Hawk N.C.
  • Theodore Roosevelt

    Theodore Roosevelt
    The president anncounces the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Dictorine.
  • Supreme Court

    Supreme Court
    The US supreme court strikes down on New York law that prohibited a banker from employing a person more than 60 hours or more a week. They argued that it interfiered with the contract.
  • International Workers of the World

    International Workers of the World
    Socialists and labor workers form the international workers of the world with a representative from the western federation of miners, this aims to give the working class economic power instead of being ruled over.
  • The great san francisco earthquake

    The great san francisco earthquake
    The great earthquake of san francisco kills 400 people and causes 500 million dollars in damages.
  • The Anti-Black riot

    The Anti-Black riot
    The anit black riot leaves 21 dead and 18 of them being african americans.
  • Do Not Enter

    Do Not Enter
    The San Francisco school boards ban all chinese, japanese, and koreans from theirs schools. The president makes them change.
  • The Great White Fleet

    The Great White Fleet
    The great white fleet was 16 battleships to set sail for an around the world adventure.
  • Henry Ford

    Henry Ford
    Henry Ford releases the first family affordable car, the model T. They origanily sold for 800 then dropped to 240 by 1926.
  • White Slavory

    White Slavory
    The Man act makes it illegal to transport women across state lines, or into the united states for moral purpoes.
  • Death

    146 Jewish and Italian immigrants are killed in the fire of a Triangle Shirtwaist Company in New York.
  • American Woolen Co.

    American Woolen Co.
    25,000 textile workers go on strike against the American Woolen Co. of Lawreance mass
  • Roosevelt Killed

    Roosevelt Killed
    Theodore Roosevelt is killed in shot in Milwalkee hotel during a campaign tour. He even gave a speach before going to the hospital.
  • Art Open

    Art Open
    An exhibition of artwork is open to the public in New York's 69th regiment armory
  • Murder = Linched

    Murder = Linched
    A man named Leo Frank who is a Jew, was linched for murdering a man in the pencil company of Atlanta.
  • Peace Ship

    Peace Ship
    Henry Ford funds a peace ship in efforts to end the brutal battle of World War I.
  • Mexican Revolution

    Mexican Revolution
    Mexican Revolutionary Pancho Villa crosses the border into US land and president Wilson send general "Black Jack" to take him down.
  • Explosion

    A bomb explodes goes off at a pro-war parade in San Francisco killing 10 people.
  • Draft

    The United States military brings on the draft, forcing all men ages 21-30 to enlist in the forces.
  • Take Down

    Take Down
    American agents take down members of the IWW and comunist party in 33 cities in the United States also deporting over 500 iligal aliens.
  • Go Women

    Go Women
    The Womens Suffrage Amendment is added to the U.S. constitution. This was not easy, it took a lot of fighting, marching and percuading to do this. Before this time everyone thought men were better than women. This is the time where it made everyone equal once again.