American Cultures II: Dylan Wallace

By cn13dw
  • Plessy v.s. Ferguson

    Plessy v.s. Ferguson
    Supreme Court case on May 18th, 1896. The court case had to deal with the choice if rach race shall recieve equal rights. It decided weather the Louisiana Law would give equal rights to all whites and black americans.
  • Period: to


  • Commodore Dewey Defeats Spanish Fleet

    Commodore Dewey Defeats Spanish Fleet
    On May 1st, 1898 Commodore George Dewey defeated the Spanish amry at Malina Bay. The thing that makes this so signifigant is that he did this with only 8 soilders wounded. He goes down in history for being able to accomplish this with so little wounded.
  • Oil is Discovered at Spindletop

    Oil is Discovered at Spindletop
    On January 10th, 1901 oil was discovered in Beaumont, Texas. This was an exciting discovery for the residents of Texas. This also made the land owner of the oil field very wealthy.
  • U.S. Steel

  • Williams Shot in Buffalo

    Williams Shot in Buffalo
    On September 6th, 1901 President Wiliam McKinley was shot in Buffalo, New York. He was hospitalized until September 11th 1901, which is when he died. His death shocked millions.
  • Dams Built in 16 Western Lands

    Dams Built in 16 Western Lands
    On July 16th 1902, dams were built in 16 western states. This was caused by the Newland Reclamation act. This gave the government money to advance their new lands.
  • President Roosevelt Talks with Roosevelt Corollary

    President Roosevelt Talks with Roosevelt Corollary
    On Decemember 6th, 1904 President Theadore Roosevelt announced to the Roosevelt Corollary the Monroe Docterine. This had to do with the Caribiean gaining land or not.
  • Supreme Court Creates Law in NY

    Supreme Court Creates Law in NY
    On April 17th 1905, the Supreme Court created a law that stated that anyone that has an occupation as a banker is not permited to work more than a 60 hour week. This made very bankers happy.
  • Earthquake Catastrophe

    Earthquake Catastrophe
    On April 18h 1906, an eartquake in San Francisco killed 400 people and caused more that 500 million dollars worth of damage. This earthquake is also know ans the Great San Francisco Earhquake. This was one of the hardest times in San Francisco history.
  • Anti-Black Riot

    Anti-Black Riot
    On September 22nd, 1906 an Anti-Black Riot commenced. This riot occured in Atlanta. It resulted in 21 deaths, 18 of which were african americans.
  • The Great White Fleet

    The Great White Fleet
    On December 16th 1907, the great white fleet set sail for an around the world cruise. This fleet consisted of 16 battleships. This would be the first time America had an around the world journey.
  • Anti-Black Riots

    Anti-Black Riots
    Starting on August 14th 1908 and ending on August 15th 1908, about 2000 african americans were forced out of Springfield, Illinois. Out of the 2000, only 6 were killed and 2 were lynched. This was a very rude riot.
  • Movie Theaters License Revoked

    Movie Theaters License Revoked
    On December 24th 1908, local movie theaters in New York had their licenses revoked, They were promised to be returned when they signed to not show immoral films any longer.
  • Explorers Reach the North Pole

    Explorers Reach the North Pole
    Explorers Robert Peary and Matthew Henson reportedly reach the North Pole. Henson was the most important explorer in this journey. He trained dogs and built sleds. He learned the langauge of the eskimos.
  • Henry Ford Intorduces his Model T.

    Henry Ford Intorduces his Model T.
    On May 2nd 1909, Henry Ford introduced the Model T. This car was originally priced at 850. In about 20 years, the price of the car dropped to 240 dollars. This is one of Henry Fords greatest cars.
  • White Slavery

    White Slavery
    On June 25th, 1910 The Mann Act made it illegal to transport women across state lines or bring them into the United States for immoral purposes. Red light districts in 10 cites were closed. This made many men not to happy.
  • Mexican Revolution

    Mexican Revolution
    On November 1st, 1910 the Mexican Revolution began. This war was to claim Mexicos independence from the Spanish. They wanted their own land for their own reasons.
  • Immigrants Killed in Fire

    Immigrants Killed in Fire
    On March 25th 1911, 146 Jewish and Italian immigrants were killed in a New York fire. The fire occured at the Triangle Shirtwaste Company. This fire went down in histroy for it killing so many immigrants.
  • Theodore Roosevelt Shot in Milwaukee

    Theodore Roosevelt Shot in Milwaukee
    On October 14th 1912, Theodore Roosevelt was shot in Milwaukee hotel durring a campaign. Before he went to the hospital, he took the time to deliver a speech. He was remembered for this speech because he was shot and giving a speech.
  • Sixteenth Amendment

    Sixteenth Amendment
    The sixteenth amendment permitted an income tax on this day. This made many people upset that they had to spend unnessary money. The richer you were, the more money was taken from you.
  • The Federal Reserve System

    The Federal Reserve System
    On December 23rd 1913, The Federal Reserve System was created. This system gave controll over the nations currency. This is the first offical way to controll the nations currency.
  • The Federal Trade Commission

    The Federal Trade Commission
    On September 16th 1914, The Federal Trade Commission was created. The commision was established to prevent unfair businesses and monopolies. This made many sure that there would not be monopolies any longer. The commisson made many businesses relize what they could and couldnt do.
  • Ship Sunk

    Ship Sunk
    On May 7th 1915, The British ship, the Lusitania, is torpedoed and sinks off the Irish coast. About 1,198 passengers drown, 114 of them were Americans.This outraged the Britsh.
  • Bomb Explosion

    Bomb Explosion
    On July 22nd 1916, A bomb exploded at a pro-war preparedness parade in San Francisco, killing ten people. Noone was aware of this explosion. There was no talk about a bomb threat or anything.
  • Adamson Eight-Hour Act

    Adamson Eight-Hour Act
    On September 13th 1916, the Adamson Eight-Hour Act was created to prevent a nationwide Railroad strike. This mandated an eight hour work day. This was sucessful and created peace.
  • United States Declares War

    United States Declares War
    On April 6th 1917, The United States declared war on the Central Powers. Also, six senators and 50 representatives voted against the declaration. These votes are remembered by many people,
  • Military Draft Issued

    Military Draft Issued
    On May 18th 1917, a military draft was issued. This draft was issued because of the shortage of troops. All men 21-30 were required to register. No one really wanted to register, however, you were requiered to by law.
  • Supreme Court Creates New Law

    Supreme Court Creates New Law
    On June 3rd, 1918, The Supreme Court created a law prohibiting the interstate shipment of goods made by under aged children. This would be from other countries, such as china, for they work under aged children. They prohibited there goods from comming in.
  • President Wilson Collapses

    President Wilson Collapses
    On September 25, President Wilson collapses. He collapsed from a stroke. This was a very tragic event around this time.
  • Government Agents Make Arrests

    Government Agents Make Arrests
    On January 2nd 1920, government agents arrested members of the IWW and Communist Party in 33 cities. Also, 556 aliens were deported for their political beliefs.