American Cultures 2; Habedank

By cn13ah
  • Slaves Prohibitied

    Slaves Prohibitied
    Congress made it illegeal to trade slaves,
  • Judicial Review against Marbury v. Madison

    Judicial Review against  Marbury v. Madison
    "It is imphatically the province and duty of the judicial department to say what the law is"
    -Marbury vs. Madison
    First time in history something was concidered unconsitutional.
  • Lewis and Clark Expedition

    Lewis and Clark Expedition
  • The Star Spangled Banner

    The Star Spangled Banner
    Franciss Scott Key, on a warship he wrote the Star-spangled banner that became to be out countrys "song"
  • Peace Treaty

    Peace Treaty
    Peace treaty ended the war of 1812. signed at Ghent, Belgium.
    the war lasted past the year of 1814. why it is called the war of 1812 baffels me.
  • Negro Convention

    Negro Convention
    The first national Negro convention is held in Philadelphia.
  • John Deere/plow

    John Deere/plow
    John Deere introduces a plow with a steel blade.
  • President Harrison

    President Harrison
    President William Henry Harrison dies after 30 days in office.
  • Salt Lake

    Salt Lake
    The first Mormons reach the Great Salt Lake.
  • Woman can own property

    Woman can own property
    New York State grants married women the right to own property apart from their husbands.
  • California Gold Rush

    California Gold Rush
    Californie was know for having a lot of gold, when people heard about this they started coming from all over to try and get some theirselves. people thought they could go from "Rags to Riches" the gold quickly ran dry due to all the people that traveled to California tha, the population reached 300, 000 for not having even been a state.
  • Population

    US population is 31,443,321. in 1860
  • Ku Klux Klan

    Ku Klux Klan
    The Ku Klux Klan is founded in Pulaski, Tenn.
  • Mollie Maguiers

    Mollie Maguiers
    The Mollie Maguiers were a secret society of coal miners, they went into mines and attacked the owner of the mines and the mine operators. The Working conditions for the miners were absolutly awful. they would endure floods, fires and mines collapsing on them.
  • The Great Railroad Strike

    The Great Railroad Strike
    The reason why the strike even happened was because they decided to cut 10% of the workers wages, that upset them greatly. Also another cause was the disgustingly pour working conditions. The srike spread, alot. but shortly ended with none of the conditions that they wanted fixed.
  • Chinease Exclusion Act

    Chinease Exclusion Act
    The Chinease exclususion act was passed in 1882. This law excluded chinease peoples from obtaining citizenship in the US, and the immigration of chinease laborers.
  • Haymarket Square Riot

    Haymarket Square Riot
    Vioent Conformation in Chicago. Workers, anarchists and police that helped turn public support against the labor movment.
  • Knights Of Labor

    Knights Of Labor
    Founded in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. A secret society, wanted to unite workers together, into a union. Terence V. Powerly ran all the operations.
  • Interstate Commerce Act

    Interstate Commerce Act
    Federal law that regulated railroad freight rates and created an agency to monitor railroad activities
  • Sherman Anti- Trust Act

    Sherman Anti- Trust Act
    The Sherman Anti- Trust Act was a federal law that declared monopolies and trusts in restraint of trade illegal
  • Ellis Island

    Ellis Island
    Between 1892 and and 1894 over 12 million immigrants came through ellis island and the famous 8 steps in the arrival proccse. Before entering the united states you had to go through Ellis or Angel island to "sign into the US"
  • Stock Market Crashes

    Stock Market Crashes
    The Stock Market was doing very well everyone was buying more and more stock all families buisness peoples where buying stock like crazy, they couldenet have thought it was going to last forever, what goes up must come down right?