american cultuers bosetti

  • 8 hour work day

    8 hour work day
    congress enacts and 8 hour workday by the goverment.
  • 14th admendment

    14th admendment
    the 14th admendment was adopted by us constitution. the unitied states and guarantees due to keep the protection of the laws
  • gold spike

    gold spike
    a golden spike is drivin into the ground to complete the transcontinental railroad
  • the fifteenth admendment

    the fifteenth admendment
    the fifteenth admentment is passed. it gives people the right to vote and it doesnt matter of your race, color, or anything
  • indian tribe

    indian tribe
    Congress declares that Indian tribes will no longer be treated as independent nations
  • indians and congress

    indians and congress
    Congress declares that Indian tribes will not be treated as independent nations
  • susan b anthony

    susan b anthony
    susan women's suffrage advocates are arrested for attempting to vote in Rochester, N.Y.
  • businesses

    The Financial Panic of 1873 begins. 5,183 business fail.
  • barb wire

    barb wire
    barb wire is introduced the first way to keep cattle fenced
  • alexander graham bell

    alexander graham bell
    29-year-old Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone.
  • charley brewster ross

    charley brewster ross
    charley brewster ross was ubducted. he was the first kidnapping and he was never found
  • henry watt beecher

    henry watt beecher
    The Reverend Henry Ward Beecher, is sued by newspaper editor Theodore Tilton for alienation of his wife's affections. the trail said he should be hung. so he got hung
  • congress

    Congress passes the Civil Rights Act of 1875 to guarantee equal use of public and places of public amusement. It also forbids the exclusion of African Americans from jury duty.
  • george a custer

    george a custer
    George A. Custer and 265 officers and enlisted men are killed by Sioux Indians led by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse at the Little Horn River in Montana.
  • rutherford hayes

    rutherford hayes
    n electoral commission declares Rutherford Hayes the winner of the disputed presidential election.
  • great rail road spike

    great rail road spike
    The Great Railroad Strikes begins in Marinsburg, W. Va., after the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad imposes a 10 percent wage cut.
  • thomas edison

    thomas edison
    30-year-old Thomas Edison invents the phonograph.
  • population

    US population: 50,155,783 how many people that are in the united states
  • james garfield dies

    james garfield dies
    President James Garfield is shot by Charles Guiteau, He died on Sept. 19.
  • first sky scrapper

    first sky scrapper
    William Jenney's ten-story Home Insurance Company, marking the birth of the skyscraper.
  • the bombing

    the bombing
    The Haymarket Square bombing in Chicago kills seven police officers and wounds sixty.
  • columbian exibition

    columbian exibition
    The World's Columbian Exhibition opens in Chicago to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Columbus's discovery of the New World. The first features the first Ferris Wheel
  • populist party

    populist party
    the populist party in found in cinncinatiy ohio
  • the strike down

    the strike down
    the supreme court stricks down on taxes
  • all the land

    all the land
    900,000 acres of land ceded to the Sauk, Fox, and Pottawatomi Indians is opened to white settlement.
  • pro america

    pro america
    Pro-American interests depose Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii.
  • unemployment

    Jacob Coxey leads a march on Washington by the unemployed.solders.
  • jacob coxey

    jacob coxey
    Jacob Coxey leads a march on Washington by the unemployed.
  • enforce

    Federal troops enforce a court. the American Railway Union from interfering with interstate commerce and delivery of the mail.
  • the acts

    the acts
    The Supreme Court rules that a child born of Chinese parents in the United States is an Americanand cannot be deported under the Chinese Exclusion Act.