America becoming a World Power

  • Woman Suffrage Association

    Woman Suffrage Association
    The NAWSA was formed.
  • Sherman Anti Trust Act

    Sherman Anti Trust Act
    the first federal statute to control the cartels and monopolies. It was concidered antitrust law.
  • Battle of Wounded Knee

    Battle of Wounded Knee
    Occured in South Dekota, was the last major battle between the U.S and Indians. Many indians were slain, including 29 soldiers.
  • Copyright Act

    The U.S congressional act that extended protections to foreign copyright from select nations.
  • Basketball

    In this year it was concidered that Basketball was invented.
  • John P. Altgeld

    John P. Altgeld
    20th governor of Illinois, introduced liberal ideals. Afiliated to the democrat party. German.
  • Ida B. Wells

    Ida B. Wells
    she formed a protest against the neinous lynching of three respected black buisness man. She was threatened with her life and had to move to Europe.
  • Panic of 1893

    Panic of 1893
    The American Federation of labor weathered panic of 1893
  • Stephen Crane

    Stephen Crane
    Stephen Crane (1871- 1900) the 14th son of the methodist minister. Wrote "Maggie: A girl of the Streets." inspired and based on urban industrial amendment.
  • Henry Street Settlement

    Henry Street Settlement
    opened by Lilliam Wald
  • Anti-Saloon League

    Anti-Saloon League
    It was formed in 1893, it began in Oberlin, Ohio spreading.
  • Columbian Exposition

    Columbian Exposition
    For the first time, and its held in Chicago. Its also know as Chicago Worlds Affair.
  • Labor Day

    Labor Day
    in 1894 the congress accepted Labor Day as an official holiday.
  • Library of Congress Opens

    Library of Congress Opens
    also known as the national library.
  • Hawaii annexed

    Hawaii annexed
    President William McKinley signed a resolution annexing Hawaii. Little by little Hawaii was baing included to the U.S government. In 1900 changes in the government were made, and in 1959 Hawaii was considered U.S state.
  • Sinking of USS MAine

    Sinking of USS MAine
    During the revolt of Cuba against Spain. The U.S sended a battleship to the Havana to protect the Americans.
  • Spanish American WAr Began

    Spanish American WAr Began
    United States declared war to Spain after the sinking of the USS Maine battleship.
  • America Controls the Philipines

    America Controls the Philipines
    the Philipines became asociated with the U.S, siking for aid to get independence from Spain.
  • "Women and Economics"

    "Women and Economics"
    published by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. the relation of economics between both genders, and how woman may create a social evolution,
  • Teddy Roosblet & Rough Riders are formed

    Teddy Roosblet & Rough Riders are formed
    Teddy Roosvelt was assistend secretary of the Navy, and created the Rough Riders. The first voluntary cavarly force to participate in the Spanish American War.
  • Spanish American War ends

    Spanish American War ends
    The war ended with the signning of the Treaty of Paris. Spain lost control of its international empire made up of Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines Islands, Guam, and other islands.
  • Gibson Girl

    Gibson Girl
    Represented and influenced society with the image of a healthy, athletic, confident female.
  • "The Awakening"

    "The Awakening"
    published by Kate Chopin, originally titled "A Solitary Soul" a feminist book taht consists of a womans views towards motherhood, and with the prevailing social attitudes.
  • Open Door Policy

    Open Door Policy
    United States foreign policy issued by secretery of state John Hay, that all countries should have equal access to any Chinese port open to trade.
  • Nations wealth

    one tenth of the people owened 9 teth's of the nations wealth.
  • Gold Standard Act

    Gold Standard Act
    officially ended the use of silver as the U.S currency standard and changed it to only gold.
  • The Wizard of Oz

    The Wizard of Oz
    Frank L. Baum published the book.
  • "Sister Cariie"

    "Sister Cariie"
    Theodore Dreiser published the book. Its the typicall bok about a country girl moving to the big city.
  • Robert La Follette

    Robert La Follette
    Becomes gervernor of Wisconsin, and his improvement on the government is noticed.
  • U.S Steel Corporation Act

    U.S Steel Corporation Act
  • Assasination of President Mckinley

    Assasination of President Mckinley
    At the Worlds Fair in Buffalo, Leon Czolgosz stepped out of the crowd and shot President Mckinley twice witha revolver. President died 8 days later.
  • Teddy Roosvelt President

    Teddy Roosvelt President
    the 26th president of theU.S. President after the assacination of President McKinley.
  • "The Souls of Black Folk"

    "The Souls of Black Folk"
    by W.E.B Du Bois, book written to express African Americans history.
  • Platt Amendment

    Platt Amendment
    Consisted of withdrawing of United States troops remaining in Cuba after the Spanish American War. Amendment that was added to the Cuban constitution of 1901.
  • Roosevelt Corollary to Monroe Doctrine

    the U.S will intervene between conflicts with Europe and LAtion America to seek aid for the ones who need it to keep control,
  • "The Jungle" publiseh

    "The Jungle" publiseh
    novel written by Upton Sinclair. The book is about the poor conditions of the workers and work of a meat packing industry in Chicago. This created for a demand of better conditions on food processing.
  • Pure Food and Drug Act

    Pure Food and Drug Act
    Control the sanetary conditions in meat packing production companies. Created labeling to the products.
  • Buffalo Bills Wild West Show

    Buffalo Bills Wild West Show
    in honor of Buffalo Bill, a historical celebration of america.
  • Roosevelt Panic

    Roosevelt Panic
    Jp morgan asisted during the panic calling a "bail out." Saving the U.S Stock exchange.
  • NAACP founded

    NAACP founded
    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
    Civil rights organization.
  • William Howard Taft President

    William Howard Taft President
    27th president.
  • Oil Monopoly is dissolved

  • Mann-Elkins Act

    Mann-Elkins Act
    provided the Interstate Commerce Commission with more power. Extended regulation to telephone and telegraph companies
  • Hiram Johnson

    Hiram Johnson
    Became President of California. Member of the Republican party, he passed many legislature measures like women's suffrage.
  • 17th Amendment ratified in Massachusetts

    17th Amendment ratified in Massachusetts
    the amendsment should takes exaptions with the candidates to a political position
  • New Freedom

    New Freedom
    Campaign by woodrow Wilson, introducing his ideals to imporove the banking system, lower tarrifs, regulate monopolies, and assist with aid to small buisnesses.
  • 16th Amendment

    16th Amendment
    the congress has the power to collect taxes no matter what the states differ to,
  • Woodrwo Wilson President

    Woodrwo Wilson President
    March 4, 1913- March 4, 1921
  • Federal Reserve Act

    Federal Reserve Act
    Banks and a Federal Reserve Board were regulated to create an equal stable suply of currency and credit.
  • The Panama Canal is finished

    The Panama Canal is finished
    Panama Canal allows ships to pass between the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, about 48 mile-long canal. America helped Panama seek independence and finish the canal, when Colombia was against the plan to construct the Panama Canal.
  • Federal Trade Commission

    Federal Trade Commission
    (FTC) regulates the trade and buisness combination by introducing the antitrust laws.
  • World War 1

    World War 1
    the begginig of WW 1.
  • Lois Brandeis

    Lois Brandeis
    Fisrt Jewish member of the Supreme Court.
  • Federal Highways Act

    Federal Highways Act
    provided a dollar-matching ocntribution to build highways across the country.
  • Federal Farm Loan Act

    Federal Farm Loan Act
    created a bank managed under the Federal Farm Load act, dedicated to farmers in need of loans.
  • Charles Even Hughes candidate

    Charles Even Hughes candidate
    candidate of the presidency in the republican party, yet was defeated by Woodrow Wilson from the democratic party.
  • 18th Amendment

    18th Amendment
    the congress has control over the transportation of liquor across the U.S territory.
  • World War 1

    World War 1
    The war ends.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    peace treaty that ended the WW 1.