Threequarter roosevelt

America 1900-1909

By sromeyn
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  • Boxer Rebellion

    Boxer Rebellion
    Chinese nationalists led an uprising against westerners living in China, particularly missionaries. Several hundred foreigners were killed. The rebellion was eventually curshed and the Chinese had to pay an indemnity.
  • McKinley Elected President

    WIlliam McKinley is re-elected President. Theodore Roosevelt serves as his Vice President
  • Anthracite Coal Strike

    Anthracite Coal Strike
    When the coal miners went on strike, the mine owner locked out the workers. Theodore Roosevelt invited the miners and mine owners to Washington to arbitrate a deal. This marked the first time that the Federal government didn't automatically side with employers.
  • Great Train Robbery (First movie)

    Great Train Robbery (First movie)
  • First World Series Game

  • Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine

  • Pure Food and Drug Act

    Pure Food and Drug Act
  • Great White Fleet sets sail

    Great White Fleet sets sail
    The Great White Fleet was built by Theodore Roosevelt with the goal of impressing the world with our naval strength.
  • Root-Takahira Agreement

  • Sears Catalogue begins selling house plans