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Amelia Earhart

  • Birth

    Amelia Mary Earhart is born to Amy and Edwin Earhart in Atchison, Kansas near the Missouri River.
  • Sees First Plane

    Sees First Plane
    Amelia sees her first plane at the Iowa State Fair.
  • Family Inheritance

    Family Inheritance
    The Earhart family inherits money from Amelia's Grandmom's death, but the money was kept from Edwin until he died or 20 years.
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    Amelia graduates Hyde Park High School in Chicago, as a loner and doesn't show up at the graduation.
  • Attends Ogontz College

    Attends Ogontz College
    Amelia starts Ogontz College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she turns back into her old self and immerses herself in many extracurricular activities, but drops out because it was too much money.
  • Moves to Toronto

    Moves to Toronto
    Amelia withdraws from Ogontz and moves to Toronto to become a nurse's aid at the Spadina Military Hospital, but later stops since she got a sinus infection.
  • Watching Planes

    Watching Planes
    Edwin takes Amelia to a winter air tournament and arranged for her to fly a few days later with Captain Frank Hawks.
  • Flying Lessons

    Flying Lessons
    Amelia takes her first flying lesson with experienced female aviator, Neta Snook.
  • Her Own Plane

    Her Own Plane
    Amelia gets a plane for herself on her 24th birthday which she paints yellow and names the Canary.
  • Granted Pilot Licence

    Granted Pilot Licence
    Amelia is granted her very own pilot licence so she could break records in the future.
  • Transatlantic Flight

    Transatlantic Flight
    Amelia sets aboard with a crew on The Friendship after many weather delays and weight issues to become the first women to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. After many close calls, like when they took off and a door opened or when the pilot, Stultz got drunk, they still successfully accomplished the task, but landed in Burry Port, Wales instead of England. Afterwards, Amelia explained that she was, "Just baggage" like a sack of potatoes." and that she would do this again but on her own steam.
  • Publishes "20hrs., 40min. Our Flight In The Friendship"

    Publishes "20hrs., 40min. Our Flight In The Friendship"
    Amelia publishes her first book, 20hrs. 40min. Our Flight In The Friendship, a book about her and the crew crossing the Atlantic.
  • Cross-Country Air Race

    Cross-Country Air Race
    Amelia sets off with other female aviators to take part in the Cross- Country Air Race that Will Rogers called the "Powder Puff Derby". It was from Clover Field in Santa Monica,California to Cleveland, Ohio.Amelia uses her new Lockheed Vega and comes in third.
  • The Ninety-Nines

    The Ninety-Nines
    Amelia and other female aviators decided to form an organization for female flyers. They ended up calling it the Nintey-Nines, after Amelia suggested naming the group after the number of original members. Two years after it was formed Amelia was elected president.
  • Marriage to GP Putnam

    Marriage to GP Putnam
    After several proposals Amelia finally agrees to marry G.P, Putnam, but writes a letter to him the night before the wedding to let her go within a year if things didn't work out, and that she would need plenty of time for herself.
  • Publishes 2nd book "The Fun of It"

    Publishes 2nd book "The Fun of It"
    Amelia publishes her second book, The Fun of It: Random Records of My Own Flying and of Women in Aviation.
  • Crossing the Atlantic on her Own

    Crossing the Atlantic on her Own
    Amelia kept her word and takes off aboard her Lockheed Vega and flies over the Atlantic solo. She accomplishes in becoming the first solo woman too.
  • Hawaii to California

    Hawaii to California
    Amelia sets off from Honolulu and heads to Oakland, Claifornia in order to become not only the frist woman to do this, but the first person. She succeeds with Paul Mantz as her technical consultant.
  • From California to Mexico

    From California to Mexico
    Amelia goes on a non-stop flight to Mexico, but decides to land fiftey miles form her destination after something hampers her vision. She was annoyed that her goal was not reached, but gets another chance on the way home and succeeds.
  • Purdue University -teaching

    Purdue University -teaching
    Amelia accepts a part- time job at Purdue University in the growing aviation department.When people found out Amelia was going to be teaching, twice as many girls enrolled than the last year.
  • The Lockheed Electra

    The Lockheed Electra
    Amelia gets a Lockheed Electra for her thirty-ninth birthday with some of her's and Purdue's Research Foundation's money. Mantz trained her in it since she had never flown a double- engined Lockheed.
  • The Bendix Air Race

    The Bendix Air Race
    Amelia enters the Bendix Air Race with her friend,Helen Richey as her co-pilot in the Electra. The pair come in fifth place after a hatch popped open, slowing them down.
  • The First Leg To Fly Around the World

    The First Leg To Fly Around the World
    Amelia sets off after telling everyone about her around-the-world trip with Henry Manning as her radioman, Mantz made sure the plane was perfect and Fred Noonan an experienced navigator/pilot as her second navigator. The first part of the voyage was form Oakland, California to Honolulu, Hawaii which she completed with ease, but ended up crashing on the runway in Hawaii. Nobody was hurt but repairs took five weeks, $25,000, it had to be sent back to Oakland, and Manning had to go to his ship.
  • The Second Part to get Around the World

    The Second Part to get Around the World
    Amelia and Noonan continue from Oakland to Maimi-Florida,San Juan, Puerto Rico Caripito, Venezuela, then to Suriname, Paramaribo, Fortaleza-Brazil, Natal-Brazil, St. Louis- Senegal, Dakar-West Africa, Karachi-India, Calcutta, Sittwe, Rangoon, Singapore, Bandung, Darwin, Australia and Lae, New Guinea.
  • Never Seen Again

    Never Seen Again
    Amelia was going to Howland Island and Honolulu, the most worrying part of the trip since it was a small speck in the Pacific. 850miles away from Lae Amelia transmitted that she was fine. Later, she said that the weather was overcast and that winds were making her much slower than intended. Then, she explained that the fuel was low, she must be on the station and then stated, "We are running north and south." She was never heard again. On Jan. 1,1939 she was officially declared dead.