Am hist

By edc
  • Prohibition

    The 18th ammendment is passed banning alcohol for ten years. This bill was passed because women were tired of their husbands being abusive drunks. Also, alcohol was the most used substance around this time which made more people focus on it.
  • Great migration

    Due to harsh discrimination and unfair conditions millions of african americans moved north from the southern states in a few years. This caused the start of many ghettos in the north because many people didn't want black people living near them. Because of this it still took a while for African Americans to gain their equality.
  • 19th Ammendment

    The noneteenth ammendment is passed granting women the suffrage that they fought long and hard to achieve. This was important because women hadn't gotten their voices befor and now that they had a vote politicians had to now be mindful of women voters just as much as men. This started a whole new era of womens rights.
  • Emergency Quota Act

    The emergency quota act is passed to limit the number of immigrants that colud move to america for the next few years. Peoples reactions arew mixed regarding this bill. Some people agreed but some disagreed claiming that it was rasist and that there should just be a number cap.
  • Immigration act of 1924

    This act limited the number of immigrants allowed to come to america to two percent of the population already living in the country.This made many people more angry. This did so because the emergency quota act was meant to be temporary and this extended the effect of the act.
  • Black Tuesday

    The stock market loses a great amount of its value in one day starting the first day of the stock market collapse. Over the next week the stock market crashed further. This was the start of the depression.
  • Black Thursday

    On this day the stock market lost the rest of its value and it crashed. This was the start of the great depression and marked a sad era for America. Also, this caused the election of 1932 to lean for FDR.
  • FDR elected president

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the president elected to boost America out of the depression. He kept his promise and helped the American people through the depression. With the new deals and reform FDR managed to drop the unemployment down ten percent before WWII.
  • 1933

    This year is the worst year as far as the economy goes in the history of america. Murder and theft rates went up, and many people went homeless and jobless. Also, this was when many new laws were put into place to help the depression.
  • Hoover Dam Constructed

    The Hoover Dam was one of the new deals passed by FDR to employ many people for a few years. Also, this dam was the reason that Vegas ever became as large as it is otherwise it may have never had enough power to become a boom town. Also this Dam is a symbol of American ingenuity because without new technology the dma still wouldn't be dry today.
  • GI bill of rights

    This bill was passed gauranting the rights of GI's. This was very important because for a long time soldiers felt that they were mistreated. This also showed growing support for the troops since the beggining of WWII.
  • Frisbee invented

    The frisbee is invented in this year. This was but a mere start of the ingenuity of peoples minds. Also, this toy became an instant classic.