Alyssa's TMTT Timeline

  • Sequence #1

    Sequence #1
    Benno was a regular Jewish boy until Hitler came to power. Now he has to leave his family & go into the unknown to escape Hitlers evilness.
  • Sequence #2

    Sequence #2
    The boys left home & got onto their train and went to Holland. However, the boys were not able to cross the border & are headed to Nijimen.
  • Sequence #3

    Sequence #3
    Heinz & Benno are now in Holland, living in a convent with nun’s.
  • Sequence #4

    Sequence #4
    Heinz & Benno have lived through the Holocaust & are now living in London. Heinz is now married & both him and Benno work.
  • Sequence #5

    Sequence #5
    The war has ended & Benno is in London. He is finally living a normal life with his wife, children, & grandchildren.