Alexander Graham Bell creates the telephone.

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  • The first phone

    The first phone
    Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone in 1877. His company's name was 'Bell Telephone Company'.
  • The 1950 telephone

    The 1950 telephone
    This phone was when keypads where not introduced yet, instead,they had a rotary dial on the front
  • The 1990's phone

    The 1990's phone
    IBM Simon was the first 'smartphone' with a touchscreen launched in the 1900's.
  • The 2000 phone

    The 2000 phone
    The 2000 phone was released and it improved vastly on its predecessors, which was the most notable upgrades.
  • The 2003 phone

    The 2003 phone
    This phone was upgraded with color wide range of colors and monochromatic screen.
  • The 2012 phone

    The 2012 phone
    This phone came out when text messages first arrived
  • The 2018 phone

    The 2018 phone
    Apple marked 10 years in the smartphone having a physical home button for the first time.