Alex Hind Hour 4

  • May 31, 776

    776 BC Pigeons carry messages about the Olympics

    1. The method is as old as the ancient Persians 2. They were used to tell people the winners of the Olympics
    1. They were used for there speed they could fly 50 miles in a hour
    2. The Greeks also used this method to try to win the war against the Romans
    3. This was about 2,800 years ago
  • 1928 first homes get TV

    1. People who lived by stations could watch TV
    2. RCA started selling TV’s 5 by 12 inches
    3. The man who designed it was Philo Taylor Farnsworth
    4. The TV dominated the radio business
    5. There were only 2 NBC networks at the time
  • 1970 the internet invented by government

    1. In 1960 computers became more small and portable
      1. The creating of the internet goes back to the1958
      2. 6 years after the first commercial service was invented
      3. The World Wide Web would not be invented in till 1993
      4. It was invented by the advanced research Projects Agency or {ARPA
  • 1979 first emotion in a E-mail

    1. Scott Fathom was the first documented person to use these
    2. This was in 1982 September 18 3 Most emotions can change just by being rotated
    3. There are over 50 different emotions
    4. There are also several advanced emotions that can use 4 spaces
  • 900 Ship captains use colored flags to signal each other

    1. In 1653 the Royal Navy issued the training of the flags 2. Different flags mean different things 3. These flags helped make communication easier 4. They stared out with 4 flags and went up to about 12 5. Some were in coded with hidden numerals or words