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Alcohol Legislation in Brazil - Gerogia Debes, Marie Will, Marcela Kuzma and Ana Lemos

  • Lei n° 9.294

    Lei n° 9.294
    The propaganda of alcoholic beverages with more than 13% of alcohol were banned from television and radio between 6pm and 9 pm. The idea behind the law: Children and teenagers watch television and listen to the radio mostly between 6pm and 9pm, so, by banning advertising 'heavy' alcoholic beverages, minors are not exposed to that content. Consequently, the idea that alcohol consumption is good, as advertised, is not fixated on children's and teens' brains, so they do not wish to consume it.
  • Tolerância Zero

    This law states that any level of alcohol found in a person's body while driving should be punishable and will receive a fine. The idea behind the law: Some people drive after drinking because they think haven't had 'too much'. With this law, any level of alcohol comsumption is punishable, so people rethink driving on an influence. Studies show that this law has significantly reduced car accidents due to alcohol influence.
  • Lei nº 12.760

    Lei nº 12.760
    "Lei Seca” reinforcement. This law had a slight change with the one written in 2008. It now states that the fine to be payed if a driver is caught with a certain level of alchool is higher than before. The idea behind the law: Havind to pay more if caught, people are more averse to drunk driving. Roads are safer and less lifes are lost.