Age of Globalization

By alexam3
  • Internet First Created

    Internet First Created
    The Internet as we know it today first started being developed in the late 1960's.
  • Email was First Created

    Email was First Created
    The first email connection was invented in 1972 by Ray Tomlinson.
  • First Cell Phone

    First Cell Phone
    The first cell phone was released by a man named Martin Cooper
  • First Search Engine

    First Search Engine
    Archie search engine from McGill University in 1990, was the first search engine to be created.
  • First Text message

    First Text message
    invented by Neil Papworth
  • First social networking site

    First social networking site
    The first social networking site was called sixdegrees
  • First ipod to be released

    First ipod to be released
    First ipod to be released by the company apple
  • Skype was created

    Skype was created
    A way to talk over the computer seeing face to face