Adella's Maze runner timeline

By 2046229
  • Dashner 1-46

    In this section, Thomas arrives in the glade. The gladers welcome him as they do every time a newbie comes. All is well, untill, the next day, for the first time ever, a girl arrives. The glade is thrown into choas. Pgs. 1-46. Total 46.
  • Dashner 46-195

    In this section, the girl is in a coma and won't come out. Thomas leaves the glade and goes out into the maze during the night to save Minho and Alby. They survive even though no one ever has before.
  • Dashner 195-374

    In the end of the book, Thomas becomes a runner, the girl wakes up and Thomas, Thomas and the girl are telepathic, and they form a plan to escape the glade. The plan works but with a high price. Only 21 of them survive. Someone rescues them from wickked and the book ends. Pgs.. 195-374. Total 374