act 3 mid summers night dreem

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  • 10:00am. practic for the play

    10:00am. practic for the play
    The rustics and artisans arrive in the woods and discuss their play
    as puck waches them he exlames "Lord what fools these mortals be!" (3.2.115)
  • 10:15am deth but not actualy dead

    10:15am deth but not actualy dead
    Bottom is afraid that if Pyramus commits suicide with his sword, it might seem too real and cause the ladies to be afraid. As a result, they agree to write a prologue which tells the audience that Pyramus is really only Bottom the Weaver and that he does not really kill himself.
  • 10:20am scary lion

    10:20am scary lion
    Snout becomes afraid that Snug's role as the lion will cause fear. Thus, they undertake to write another prologue to tell the audience that it is not a lion, but only Snug the joiner. The men decide that Snug should speak to the audience directly and that half his head should be visible through the costume of.
  • 10:50am reheaseing

    10:50am reheaseing
    Finally they start to rehearse the play, with the puck eavesdropping in the background. Each of the actors makes several word mistakes, giving the phrases completely different meanings.
  • 11:00am. what an ass

    11:00am. what an ass
    puck puts ass hed Bottom he is blissfully unaware that he is transformed into an ass and asks the others why they run away from him
  • 12:00am. strange love

     12:00am. strange love
    Titania wakes up and sees Bottom with his asses head and falls in love with him.
  • 12:30am. loves chane

    12:30am. loves chane
    She begs him to keep singing and making jokes for her, and entreats him to remain in the forest with her. She then calls four fairies in to take care of Bottom and lead him to her garden.
  • 1:00Pm. overjoyed

    1:00Pm. overjoyed
    puck tell Oberon what has happent to Titania. Oberon is overjoyed that Titania is being humiliated in this way.
  • 3:00pm wrong lover

    3:00pm wrong lover
    she wakes up Demetrius, on whose eyes Oberon has applied his pansy juice. Demetrius sees her and also falls in love with Helena, saying, "O Helen, goddess, nymph, perfect, divine!" (3.2.138).
  • 3:30Pm. furious

    3:30Pm. furious
    Oberon is furious about the mess that Robin has created and orders him to fix it.
  • 3:01pm. lovers dispute

    3:01pm. lovers dispute
    Hermia arrives. She is shocked by Lysanders words and does not believe that he could possibly love Helena. Demetrius and Lysander begin to quarrel over Helena even more intensely, at which point Hermia breaks in and tries to stop Lysander. He calls her a serpent and a dwarf, and finally leaves with Demetrius to fight over which man should get Helena.
  • 1:30Pm. crazy

    1:30Pm. crazy
    Hermia is convinced that Demetrius has killed Lysander in his sleep, and in her fury she curses Demetrius for his actions. She finally storms away, leaving Demetrius to fall asleep in front of Oberon.
  • 9:00pm. nothing but a dreem

    9:00pm. nothing but a dreem
    puck leads both men until they fall asleep on the ground. He then finds the two women and brings them close to their true loves before letting them fall asleep as well. His last act is to sprinkle the juice into Lysander's eyes so that he will fall in love with Hermia when he awakes and sees her. oberon says "And when they wake, all this derision / Shall seem a dream and fruitless vision" (3.2.372-3).