Abraham Lincoln

  • Birth

  • Childhood move

    Moved with family to a farm on Knob Creek, Kentucky
  • Mother Passing

    Mother Nancy Hanks Lincoln died of milk sickness, Spencer County, Indiana. Thomas Lincoln subsequently left Abraham Lincoln and older sister Sarah Lincoln (1807-1828) alone in Indiana while he traveled to Kentucky to remarry.
  • Moved for his law firm

    Moved to Springfield, Illinois, to become law partner with John T. Stuart in the firm of Stuart & Lincoln
  • Law career disolved

    Partnership of Stuart & Lincoln dissolved Partnership established with Stephen T. Logan in the law firm of Logan & Lincoln, Springfield, Illinois; dissolved in 1844.
  • 1st son born

    Son Edward Baker "Eddie" Lincoln (d. February 1, 1850) born
  • House of Representatives

    Introduced "Spot Resolutions" in House of Representatives, challenging President James K. Polk to prove that the "spot" of land on which American blood had been shed (the event that prompted the United States to declare war on Mexico) had in fact been shed on American soil
  • presidency term began

    presidency began
  • Assassinated (death)

    assassinated in the white house while watching a movie
  • presidency term ended

    presidency ended