About My Class

  • Class Introduction

    Class Introduction
    As it is a totally new year, firstly, we need to know our classmates. It's a time to make new friends.
  • Learn Colors (Students' work together)

    We are now able to learn different colors and learn how to group them.
  • Period: to


    Around colors in life
  • Analyze the answer and learn colors in our life

    Judged by the extent of students' work, we will decide the common things with color in life.
  • Learn Colors that can help us

    We'll continue learning colors. Is color important? Why? If there's no color in our life, what will happen?
  • Reading practice & First official meeting

    Reading practice & First official meeting
    We'll try to read aloud the text and teach them to summarize what they've learned this week.
  • Learn Shapes

    Introduce some basic shapes in life, and teach them to tell the difference from each different shape.
  • Period: to

    Shapes in life

    Around shapes
  • Play a game and learn to group by shapes

    Group students in four. Give them pictures and ask them to answer the shape. The group that can asnwer most in a certain period of time win.
  • Ask students to make some examples

    What do they see on their way to school. What shapes have they seen on their journey. Share it.
  • Learn importance of shapes

    Are shapes important? Why? Are they interestiong?
  • Do a comprehensive exercise

    Combine colors and shapes together. Ask them to tell both colors and shapes. A game may be impossible.
  • Reading practice

    Reading practice
    Overall the text, ask them to follow the reading module. Try to summarize what they learn in class.
  • Period: to

    Parents Open Day

    Lots of games, Lots of activities. All focused on fun and what was learned during the class.
  • Feelings about Parents Open Day

    Do they enjoy it? Ask students to express their feelings. Share their opinions.