Abe Lincolns Life

By JN20155
  • Abe's Birth

    Abe's Birth
    [' >lincolnsl ife](http://<a href='http://www.wpclipart.com)a</a>Abe was born in Hodgeville Kentucky early in the morning.
  • Abe's mom dies :(

    Abe's mom dies :(
    aAbe's first mother dies and his father is left a widower.
  • Abe's father re-marries

    Abe's father re-marries
    [a](http://.american-presidents.com)Thomas lincoln marries his second wife, Sarah bush.
  • Abe lincon proposes to his first girlfriend.

    Abe lincon proposes to his first girlfriend.
    He proposes to mary owens who turns him down.
  • Lincon marries

    Lincon marries
    Lincoln proposes to another woman who accpetss his offer and her name is Mary Todd
  • Lincoln is elected

    Lincoln is elected
    Abe lincln is elected as the 16th president of the united states.
  • Lincoln kidnapped.

    Learning That was the plan at least. John wilkes booth failed though becacuse lincoln was late.
  • The death of lincoln

    WikiLincooln is shot in the head by John Wilkes Booth at 10:13 PM and he is dead by 7:22 AM.