Walt disney

A Disney Timeline

By Raccoon
  • Walt Disney's FIrst Cartoon, Alice's Wonderland

    Walt Disney's FIrst Cartoon, Alice's Wonderland
    Walt Disney began his career a silent picture, Alice's Wonderland. The film is of a little girl named Alice, going to a cartoon studio to look at some funny pictures. The artists show her different scenes; 2 dogs fighting in a kennel, a group of cats making music while dancing and others. Later that night, Alice dreams of going to a cartoon world. She arrives by train, and at the end of her adventure, she gets chased off a cliff by lions.The ending of the silent picture is incomplete.
  • When Disney Was Founded

    When Disney Was Founded
    The Walt Disney Studio was founded after Walt Disney's success of his series of Alice's Wonderland. After selling and distributing his silent films, and working on Alice's Wonderland for 4 years, he began to create new cartoons.
  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

    Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
    After the Alice pictures, Walt disney moved on to begin working on his new project Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. As this series began to get more popular, Walt went to his distributor to earn more money for the second year of this cartoon. In the process, he learnt that the character was no longer his, and his distributor was working behind his back to create new cartoons for less money. In doing so, Disney quit his job, and made sure to own everything he created.
  • Mickey Mouse!

    Mickey Mouse!
    Mickey was created by Disney Studios after the loss of his big hit, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. The first 2 picture films of Mickey Mouse attracted no attention. The film was moving towards a new era of sound and effects. But upon the 3rd cartoon, Steamboat Willie, it became an instant hit, and so the birth of Mickey Mouse was on the day Steamboat Willie premiered.
  • Donald Ducks first debut

    Donald Duck is one of Mickey's friend and has a unique & recognisable voice, that's mixed with quacks and stutters. Donald is short tempered and has an obesession with money, gold and treasure.
  • First Animated Movie - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

    First Animated Movie - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
    In 1934, Walt Disney began creating his first full length animated movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Though there were many contreversies, including matters to do with money, appeals and audience, Walt went along to risk 1.5 million dollars into making this film. When the film was premiered in February, 1938, the film earned 8 million dollars, the most any film has ever made until that point in time.
  • Fantasia released

    Fantasia is a short film collection that Disney had made. It is Disney's 3rd film after Snow White and Pinocchio. In one of the short films, The Sorcerers Apprentice, Mickey played the main character to get back some fame after Donald's rise.
  • Walt Disney Music Company is formed

  • Disney's First Live Action Film, Treasure Island

    Disney's First Live Action Film, Treasure Island
    Another big success was Disney studio's Treasure Island film. The film was completely live action, and was also shown with colour.
  • Peter Pan released

    This is the first of the 2 Peter Pan movies, (the first being released 49 years later), and is about a girl named Wendy taken to netherland, with Peter Pan. They have magical adventures including flying without wings and fighting pirates.
  • Disneyland Park Opens

    Disneyland Park Opens
    Walt Disney's reason for making Disneyland was to let kids and parents enjoy the place together. In his own experience, when he brought his children to amusement parks, they were having fun while he sat on benches. He also said that, as long as there was imagination, Disneyland would never cease to grow, and so Disneyland is still continually growing with new rides added.
  • Mary Poppins released.

  • Date of Death, Walt Disney

    Date of Death, Walt Disney
    After Walt Disneys death, his brother Roy took over the company. The results after creating Walt's unfinished plans still showed that without Walt, the company could still prosper. But after Roy passed away, the company was slowly losing money, and losing to other competitors, but ended as Michael Eisner and Frank Wells began to lead the company.
  • Disney Channel was founded

    Disney Channel was founded
  • Top Grossing Disney Movie

    Top Grossing Disney Movie