A Catipillars Life Cycle

  • Caterpiller Eggs

    Caterpiller Eggs
    After butterflies mate, they produce little white eggs on leaves.
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    Caterpiller's/ Butterflies Life

  • Caterpiller Hatches

    Caterpiller Hatches
    After about a day, many caterpillers hatch from the small eggs. There is one caterpiller in one egg, except there are many eggs.
  • Caterpiller Can Roam

    Caterpiller Can Roam
    Cool Caterpiller Pictures After hatching, and the caterpillers can now monuver their body's arond and eat.
  • Butterflies Die

    Butterflies Die
    The caterpiller's parents die of old age. After mating and producing eggs the butterflies die.
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    Caterpiller Eats

    The caterpiller eats leaves.
  • Period: to

    Caterpillers Become Stronger

    As the caterpiller eats, it becomes much stronger and bigger.
  • Caterpiller Makes A Cocoon

    Caterpiller Makes A Cocoon
    After about a month a caterpiller makes a coocon. In the coocon it will transform into a butterfly.
  • Period: to

    Caterpiller Transforms

    Really Awsome TransformationIn this stage of the caterpiller's life the caterpiller is in a coocon. In the coocon the caterpiller wil shed it's skin and form wings. It is an amazing tranfornation.
  • Almost Out Of Cocoon

    Almost Out Of Cocoon
    After another month of changing form, the butterfly is almost out!
  • Butterfly Gets Out Of Cocoon

    Butterfly Gets Out Of Cocoon
    Now after a few minutes of waiting and drying, this butterfly will fly!
  • The Butterfly Flies

    The Butterfly Flies
    Beatiful Butterflies! Now the butterfly can fly!
  • Butterflies Go South

    Butterflies Go South
    When it gets cold, butterflies go south.
  • Period: to

    Butterflies Are Warm

    When the north is cold, these butterflies are nice and warm
  • Butterflies Go North

    Butterflies Go North
    Butterflies come north to mate.
  • Butterflies Mate

    Butterflies Mate