Number the Stars chapters 1-3

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    Number the Stars; chapters 1-3

  • First

    Annemarie, Kirsti and Ellen are stopped by two German soldiers. They let the girls go but, tells them not to run in the streets anymore.
  • Second

    Back at the apartment, Annemarie's mother explains that food is being rationed until after the war.
  • Third

    We find out that Annemarie used to have a sister who died two weeks before she was to be married.
  • Fourth

    Annemarie and Ellen are sent to Mr. Hirsch's shop to fix a button. when they arrive the shop is closed and there is a sign in German on the door with a swastika. Annemarie is very concerned when she hears the news from the girls.
  • Fifth

    We are introduced to Peter Neilsen who arrives at the home after curfew. He brings Annemarie a seashell. He lets her parents know that the Germans are closing many shops owned by Jews. Annemarie is concerned for Ellen's family because they are Jewish.