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MR&AC Spain Holidays

  • Apr 22, 1500

    Moros y Cristianos

    Moros y Cristianos
    On the 22nd of April, Armies march all day around their city in tune with the band. Then a few days later, the Moors (Muslims) and Christians battle all day long in a game of friendly competition.The festivities take place in many cities along Spain’s coast. (Alcoy, Alicante).The reason for this festival is to show pride and celebrate their army. The festival ends on the 24th of April.
  • La Feria de Abril

    La Feria de Abril
    Citizens put on a fair for the whole city, on April 20th to the 25th - which usually is 2 weeks after Holy Week. It is an anual fair thats celebrated in Seville, Spain. Close to the end of the festival, people eventually make their way to where the bullfighters and the breeders meet to watch a show. The fair was originally made and planned to be a livestock fair but it had turned into a flamenco dancing festival.
  • Castellers de Vilafranca

    Castellers de Vilafranca
    On July 5th, the public of Barcelona come together and compete to see which group can stand on eachother, therefore building a higher human-made tower in the air. This day of festivities is just a day full of friendly competition.