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Tasha's Little Lifespan

By ewallis
  • Tasha's Born

    Tasha born to breeder Raymond Hoover, Cylde NY
  • Bought Tasha at Pet Depot

    Purchased for $700. brown and white female italian greyhound. 4lbs. Named her Tasha
  • Vet- Attempt to Spay, Uncontrolled Bleeding

    Dropped her off at 8am, got a call at 11am to come pick her up, they could not do the surgury. cost $275 for meds, emergency treatment
  • Vet - Blood Clotting Test- Failed

    Took her in for a clotting test. Vet sedated her, cut the quick of her nail and timed how long it took to clot, normal is 1-5min. Her time 18mins. unofficial diagnosis Von Willebrands Disease. Official Diagnosis Thrombocytopenia- low platelets. Cost $175
  • Vet Appointment- Limping

    Came home from Dog Park and noticed Tasha favoring her left hind leg. Tried to pick her up , but she bit me.
    Apt Cost $125
  • Vet Appointment- Limping, Pain Worsening

    Tasha would cry in her crate for no reason, could not climb stairs, she would fall just walking and didnt want to be held. stopped eating. X-Rays showed hip bones out of joint for both. started morphine. cost $285, rx $75
  • Orthopedic Specialist- Displaysia diagnosis confirmed

    Dr. Paul Bookbinder. orthopedic surgeon, ordered new x-rays under sedation. cost $309. confrirmed diagnosis of hip displaysia, cost of corrective surgury $4000.00
  • Took Records and Warrenty to Pet Depot

    Manager not availible, left message with Assistant Manager
  • Called PD Manager

    No answer. Left voicemail
  • Meeting with Store Manager 11:30am

    Store Manager no show. called me later to reschedule
  • Called PD Manager

    Left Voicemail
  • Called Store Owner

    Decided to escalate my issue to Store owner, but couldn't track him down. Finnaly got his personal number and left hm a voicemail
  • Phone Convo with store owner.

    I explain my situation and he agrees to a refund of purchase price $700
  • Tasha is put down.

    cost $180
    cost of medical care $2,124
    -refund $700 total cost for medical:$1424