April 13 1979

Ladybugs Journey

By ladybug
  • the long journey starts

    the long journey starts
    a bump in my road treas me apart, can i recover? will i ever be ok?
  • a token

    will it be better and will it change the past?
  • one year later

    it's been a year now still is hard and at times seems to not improve
  • a new change 4 him/us

    chrysler - he worked very hard for us,
  • a new change 4 him/us

    new job, new hours all hours of the day and night.
  • his last straw

    walked off his job, tired of being taken for granted by his employers. Good 4 him!
  • a new change 4 him/us

    new job, good hours, new co-workers and great benifits, hope this is the one that fills all the needs.
  • Sweetie Pie Visits

    Our granddaughter came for 9 days
  • Good 4 me

    i quit smoking - i am stronger than i thought
  • good for him

    he quit smoking too :)
  • Early AM

    Early AM
    view from my back window
  • Period: to

    Snow is overtime

    our 1st weekend of overtime, can't say it was a ton of fun but it turned out it wasn't as bad as if could have been. i dislike when your gone but i am getting throught it.