titanic by sydney schindler

  • The wreck of the Titan

    In 1898, fourteen years before the titanic had sunk, an american writer named Morgan Robertson wrote a book called "The Wreck of the Titan".
  • Titanic was biult

    Nearly ten years after the wreck of the Titan was written, two men began making plans to biuld a real Titanic ship.
  • Titanic was launched

    The hull of the Titanic was launched at the Harland and Wolff shipyards in Belfast.
  • people were divided

    people were divided into social classes according to backround, wealth,and education.
  • passengers thought it was a real novelty

    passengers on ocean liners thought it was a real novelty to send post card-style messages to friends at home from the middle of the atlantic.
  • passengers arrive

    The Titanics passengers began to arrive in southampton for the trip to New York.
  • captian excused

    9:00 p.m. the captian excused himself and went to the bridge.
  • they saw an ice berg

    11:40p.m. the lookouts were wiating to be relieved so they could head below, when they saw an ice berg.
  • ship sank

    2:05 there were still over 1,500 people left on the sinking ship . thats the last time they saw those people and then the ship sank. it was so sad.
  • warning of ice

    7:30 p.m. the radio room recieved three more warnings of ice about fifty miles ahead.