Explorer - Maya

  • Dec 14, 1480

    famous explorer

    He was born in portugal.
  • Dec 2, 1492

    Magellan's Childhood

    in 1492 he was twelve, his father sent him to royal court in Lisbon where he was educated. book magellen's world
  • Dec 14, 1505

    famous explorer

    In 1505 he made his first sea journey.
  • Dec 14, 1507

    famous explorer

    In 1570 there ship reached India.
  • Dec 14, 1517

    famous explorers

    In 1517, magellan went to see King Charles,
    of spain to ask for help.
  • Jan 1, 1519

    South America

    He sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to South America
  • Oct 14, 1520

    famous explorer

    magellan finally found a passage way that led to the pacific ocean!
  • Nov 2, 1520

    Famous Explorers

    In november of 1520,Magellan and his six men finally reached the pacific ocean. book famous explorers,ferdinand magellan
  • Dec 10, 1520


    He was Portuguese.
  • Jan 1, 1521

    His death

    Magellan died in the Philippines before he reached the spice islands.
    But his men sailed around the earth.
  • Mar 28, 1521

    Famous Explrorer

    Magellan docked near a group of islands called the Philippines.
  • Ship

    He named the Pacific Ocean.
  • Ships

    Magellan had to eat rats and sawdust to stay alive.YUCK!