Supreme court pics.

Supreme Court Milestone

  • creation of supreme court

    creation of supreme court
    Judiciary Act of 1789, Congress has started details of the Supreme Court and the fed. judiciary. 13 districts were created in principle cities. The Supreme Court, with Chief Justice and Associate Justice, were the main courts of appeal.
  • John Jay

    John Jay
    John Jay was the first Chief Justice. Former president to the Continential Congress, George Washington appointed him to serve on the court. He served for 5 years and then became gov. of New York.
  • John Marshall

    John Marshall
    President John Adams appointed Sec. of State, John Marshall, to becom the Chief Justice in 1801. He served for 34 years, whcih was the longest tenture of any of the Chief Justiceses.
  • Marbury vs. Madison

    Marbury vs. Madison
    William Marbury appointed John Adams to serve as justice of peace. It was John's last few days in office. A petition started, because Marbury wasn't fully issued his position. The Supreme Court gave the position to him and checks and balances were introduced to the gov't.
  • Flecther vs. Peck

    Flecther vs. Peck
    Georgia divided 35 million acres into 4 tracts, and sold them to different companies. The land was exchanged for bribes, so the selling stopped. John Peck sold land to Robert Flecthcer, and was sued because selling the land was invalid. The Supreme Court decreed that the land wouldn't be taken away.
  • Dred Scott vs. Stanford

    Dred Scott vs. Stanford
    Dred Scott was once a slave from Missouri. During the 1840's he returned and demanded that he should become a citizen. Since he was a former slave, the Supreme Court denied his freedom.