• Brother Joe

    Brother Joe
    Joe and his brother John had a lot of compations when they were growing up. The reason joe is a significant person because he had a shiped named after him during the attach of Cuba
  • John F. Kennedy

    John was the seconed oldest in his family. His parents Rose and Joe had bought a house in Brookline, Massachusetts a year before he was born. John and his brother Joe had a lot of face off when he was growing up.
  • mrs.Kennedy

    Jackie Bouiver Kennedy is John F. Kennedy wife. She is twelve years younger then John. They met when jackie was at George Washinton University, studying french literature.
  • new congress man

    John F. Kennedy had run for congress for Massachetts. He had a vote percent of 51.5 percent, when he was 35 years old.
  • Mr .King

    Mr .King
    Dr. Martin luther King, and John F. Kennedy, and his brother Robert are trying improve the civil rights laws by using the power of presidency and the department of justice, to surpport fedral court ruling to end degrgation, and a sure the right to vote.
  • Youngest President ever

    Youngest President ever
    John F Kennedy was at Hyannis port, when he found out he become presdient
  • visit to the moon

    visit to the moon
    the first americanput a flag on the moon to show that american'swhere first on the moon
  • civil rights happing fown south

    the first civil rights exctivaicty occured in Birmigham, Alabama, when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.stared a protest campian, which included street marching,and sitting at down townstores
  • soviet missle's in cuba

    Mr .Kennedy found out about the missle from the american u-2 spy planes flying overcuba bought back pictures showing serval soviet missiles-laughing sites which were under constructing. These missle's could go off with out waring
  • cubas missle

    American u-2 spy planes fly over cubas and take pictures showing that serval sovoit missle-laughing sites under construction in cuba
  • last of a great

    last of a great
    John f. Kennedywas in the back of a convertible when he was assanited. John was shot twic e when he was assinated. he was shot in thourt, and shot in the head which killed him.The police pronouched the president dead when he was shot in the head.
  • peace in dallas

    John F. Kennedy was heading to dallas to taalk about peace in a state that had 34 death-threats from the year 1961-1962 in the state if Texas