Discovering the timeline of Simon Fraser

By chs
  • Born

    Simon Fraser was born in Mapletown, New York on May 20th, 2010.
  • Fraser Father's Death

    In 1779 Fraser's father died 3 years after the Battle of Bennigton.
  • Trading Company is invented

    In 1779 the Northwest company was created.
  • Becoming an apprentince

    Fraser becomes an apprentice for the Northwest company.
  • Helping the First Nations

    On October 11th, 1805 Fraser was told to establish trade relations with aboriginals west of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Finding Fort George

    On November 29th, 1807 Simon Fraser found Fort George.
  • Commiting a crime

    On the 25th of December Simon Fraser was put in jail also when the Seven Oaks Incident took place.
  • Taking off the handcuffs

    Simon fraser tryed for the Seven Oaks incedent and was found not guilty.
  • Wedding Bells

    On January 4th, 1820 Simon Fraser and Catherine Mcdonnel have a very happy and peacful wedding. They have both created a terrific relationship together and everyone is happy for them.
  • Salute

    Fraser serves as a captain on Janurary 24th, 1837.
  • The Day they Renamed

    On this very silent day in Febuary they decided to rename New Caledonia! That's right on a day when no one had anything to cheer about New Caledonia was renamed our province today! Our province named British Columibia. It's true they decided to change the name of New Caledonia and Simon Fraser created the new name of British Columbia. So to all you folks out there I would just like to tell you before there was B.C there was New Caledonia.
  • Death on Remeberence Day

    It was very sad. On November 12th our dear Simon Fraser past away. He will always be remebered as the great explorer he had always been.