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    First Contact with Romans

    First Contact with Romans
    Southwestern Ukraine was in a state of ruins until 56 A.D. when the Romans restored the area. This area became part of the provence of Lower Moesia. The Roman contol lasted approximately 200 years. The seizure by the Romans was very significant because they added Roman culture, which is still incorporated in the Ukrainian culture.
  • Jan 1, 1300

    The Kozaks

    The Kozaks
    In the 14th century Ukraine's territory was taken over by Poland and Lithuania. At the is time some Ukrainian peasants believed that Ukrainains were unique distinct people and that they should be free. So they fled from the Polish and lived by themselves in servitude. This is of great importance because Kozaks still exist in Ukraine and they are important to Ukrainian culture.
  • Kyiv Mohyla Academy

    Kyiv Mohyla Academy
    Kyiv Mohlya Academy was created by Petro Mohyla. The creation of this university is very significant because this was the first university in Eastern Europe. It caused Ukrainians to be among the most educated people in the World. Also at the time the university was created the literacy rate went up and almost everyone in Ukraine was literate.
  • Ukraine unites with Russia

    Ukraine unites with Russia
    Ukraine and Russia joined together in 1654 to defeat the Poles. They soon came to realize that Russia was more of a threat than Poland. This is important because it eventually lead to Russia colonizing Ukraine.
  • Ukraine Famine

    Ukraine Famine
    In 1932-1933 there was a drought in Ukraine. Ukrainians relied on their crops, which could not grow because of the drought. The government did nothing to help because they were in denial. This was a very difficult time for the country because they lost almost 700,000 lives.
  • Ukraine Becomes Independent

    Ukraine Becomes Independent
    In August 1991 the country of Ukraine declared independence from the Soviet Union. This marks an important time in Ukraine because they broke away from communism and became a democracy.
  • Kyiv Rus

    Kyiv Rus
    Prince Voldymyr was a ruler of the Kyivan Rus. He spread Christianity through Kyiv. This marks an important time because Christianity is presently the main religion in Ukraine and has been for many years
  • Founding of Kyiv Legend

    Founding of Kyiv Legend
    The legend claims that Kyiv was founded in 482 A.D. by three brothers and their sister who were members of a royal family. The oldest whose name was Kie decided where their new home was going to be. He chose where Kyiv is located. And the brothers and sister decided to name the city Kyiv after their brave brother Kie. The discovery of Kyiv is very significant because it later on became the capital of Ukraine and center of activity in the country.