History of E-books/Readers

  • Nov 23, 1500

    William Claxton

    William Claxton
    15th Century William Caxton printed the 1st version of Aesop’s Fables from then literature progressed to development of Chapbooks which were mostly made from a sheet of paper folded into 8 or more parts, some had pictures that had no relation to the text.
  • Defoe

    1719 Defoe published “Robinson Crusoe” which was followed by books like Gulliver’s Travels; stories began to be printed in pocket size versions.
  • Michael Hart and electronic texts

    Michael Hart and electronic texts
    Starts to develop ways books can be used with computers and personal devices '...the major factor in mind was that publishing eBooks would change the map of literacy and education...' Hart, M (2002)
  • The First Hand Held Ebook

    The First Hand Held Ebook
    Ebooks/readers are starting to be used more and libraries are starting to use them NuroMedia released the first handheld ebook reader, the Rocket, which allowed ebooks to be downloaded from a PC via a serial cable.
  • The first available E-book

    John Galuskza, founder of Serendipity Systems, created an ebook display program called PC-Book. It featured numbered pages and bookmarks but they were not able to do much and could only work for certain subjects and so were limited to who could access them.
  • Now and the Future

    Now and the Future
    Ebooks/readers are readily available to everyone and can do more than ever before