• the leaders from nine clolnies

    the leaders from nine clolnies
    in october 1765 leaders from nine colonies held a meeting in new york called the stampact congress
  • achieve tax

    achieve tax
    to achieve this goal suddenly passed the stamp act in 1765. the law placed a tax on printed parper in the colonies such as newsparper
  • need money to pay taxes

    need money to pay taxes
    after the frech and indian war the needed money to pay taxes on the american colonists 1765 the british thought that the colonists should help pay for the war since it had been fought.
  • city explodes

    city explodes
    march 5,1770 the city was about to explode.
  • killing people

    killing people
    the event became know as the boston massacre in 1770 a massacre is the killing of many people would get killed
  • needed supplies

    In april 1775 the british soldiers came from boston to size military supplies and people told the war stared when you reach lexington
  • revolution begins

    revolution begins
    the revolution begins when it was really late at night april 18, 1775 the boston steerts were very quiet