Wilson.Venus Williams

  • Billie Jean King Beats Bobby Riggs

    Billie Jean King Beats Bobby Riggs
    Jean king being a women tennis player and Bobby Riggs being a male player. Played in 1973 A Battle of the Sexes some called it. Jean king won changeing Tennis for women.
  • Birth of a Hero

    Birth of a Hero
    Born in Lynwood,California her father is Richard Williams and her mother is Orancle Price
  • Growing Up and Playing Tennis In th Ghetto

    They once had to hit the floor and duck from a gun shootings. Even her dad had been beaten up
  • Serena Williams

    Serena Williams
    Serena Williams is venus's younger sister who also plays tennis. she became pro in 1998. They are close and support each other
  • Richard Williams

    Richard  Williams
    Richard Williams was Venus's father and mentor.Richard trained Venus and Serena himself. she finally got to professionals he limited her matches so she would not mature To fast for her career.
  • Rick Macci's

    Rick macci's scouted Venus in 1990 for his Tennis Progrm. She enrolled in his program in 1991 he was her coach unit,1995.
  • The World Trade Center Bombed!

    The World Trade Center Bombed!
    a car bomb was the source of the explosion nearly 6 people were killed
  • Monica Seles Stabbed By Rabid Fan

    It was during a match with Magdalena Maleevna. A deranged fan of her rival's ran from the crowd to the edge of the court and stabbed a steak knife in betwwen monica's sholder blades.
  • Beats Sister Serena

    The Italian open in rome was were the match was held.
  • Playing Russian Tennis player Anna Kournikova

    Playing Russian Tennis player Anna Kournikova
    the match was held in Key Biscayne Flordia. It was the lipton championships Venus won the match.
  • Venus Beats Anna Kournikova

    Venus got a total of 63/113 return point and 4 aces
  • Fun Fact

    Venus williams plays gutiar a 1957 fender stratocaster.