Revo. War

By 18758b
  • England

    England hires German mercinaries for war in North America.
  • Adam SMith

    Adam Smith wealth of Nation published
  • Deceration

    Decleration of Independence written.
  • Burgoyne

    General Burgoyne surrendered. The British lost to many men and it divided up the colinies.
  • battle

    Battle of Saratoga. Jonathan Austin Of Boston ssrnt the news that the Americans won the battle o Saratoga
  • Act. .

    Act of congress prohibits import of slaves into U.S
  • Declares

    Spain declares war on Britain
  • WAR

    Britain declares war on Holland.
  • force

    British forces capture charts town in South Carolina
  • surrender

    British surrender at Yorktown. They captured Charleston, Richmond. It lasted for five days.
  • conquest

    spain completes completes conguest of Flordia
  • treaty

    treaty of paris. It was rebbelled agienst rule. dutch republic had agreed.
  • Japan

    Japan is femine