Histroy Time Toast Thing(:

  • Prohibition Begins

    This was a time when alcohol as banned.
  • Teapot Dome Scandal

    a government scandal involving a former United States Navy oil reserve in Wyoming that was secretly leased to a private oil company in 1921; became symbolic of the scandals of the Harding administration.
  • President Coolidge Gets Elected.

    30th President. Republican
  • The Spirit Of St. Louis Begins Its Flight.

    The specially designed airplane that Charles Lindbergh flew in the first nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Spirit Of St. Louis Ends Its Flight

    This is when the plane landed.
  • President Hoover Was Elected.

    31st president. Republican
  • Black Tuesday

    This is the date of the most famous stock market crash in history. Stocks lost 13% of their value on Black Tuesday.
  • Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act

    It raised import duties to protect American businesses and farmers.
  • Period: to

    The Dust Bowl Years

    This was a time of massive dust storms across the country.
  • Bonus Army March

    This Was World War 1 Veterans Marching To Get Their Checks.
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt Gets Elected.

    32nd President. Democrat.
  • Civilian Consrvation Corps.

    President F. D. Roosevelt was putting city men to work restoring the country to its "former beauty."
  • FDIC

    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is an independent government agency that has been protecting Americans’ savings for 75 years.
  • Tennessee Valley Authority

    Made to develop the Tennessee River system in the interest of navigation, flood control, and national defense, and to generate and sell surplus electricity to avert waste of water power.
  • Prohibition Ends

    This Was The End Of Prohibition.
  • Social Security Act

    It was a sweeping bill that generated an array of programs to aid numerous groups of Americans.
  • Works Progress Administration

    The Works Progress Administration (WPA) was a relief measure established by executive order as the Works Progress Administration, and was redesigned in 1939 when it was transferred to the Federal Works Agency.
  • The Beginning Of World War 2.

    Adolf Hitler Decided To Start This War Because He Was Against The Versailles Treaty of 1918.