roaring 20's

  • Prohibition Begins

    Phrohibition Began In 1919, Alcohol had be come related with poverty and crime, cusing local states to pass Prohibition laws
  • President coolidge gets elected

    On November 4, 1924 calvin coolidge gets elected
  • Spirit of s.t. louis begins its flight

    1927 the flight begins with lindbergh,
  • The spht its fligirit of s.t. louis ends

    the spirit of s.t. louis ended suckesfull
  • president hoover gets elected

    President hooover gets eleced in 1928
  • Black Tuesday

    On October 29th 1929, the most famous stock market crash know as black tuesday
  • Hawley smoot tariff act

    in 1930 it brought the u.s. tariff to the highst level
  • President Franklin D roosevelt gets elected

    november 1932 president Roosevelt got elected
  • Prohibition Ends

    Prohibition Ends in 1933, the 21st Amendmet was passed and ratified ending national prohibition.
  • Tennessee Valley Authority

    in 1933 president Roosevelt asked congress to set up the tennessee vally authority
  • ccc

    the ccc put three million young men to wrok during the dreat depression
  • FDIC

    was created by the u.s. govenmet in 1933
  • Dust Bowl years

    The dust bowl lasted form 1934 to 1937
  • Socil Security Act

    the Socil Security Act became law above president franklin
  • Works Progress Administratration

    Was a relife measuer established in 1935
  • Bouns Army March

    the bouns Army March was 1937
  • The beginning of wwII