NDB Spain Festivals

  • La Feira De Abril

    La Feira De Abril
    If you are in Seville in 2010 on april 20 to 25, you are going to be part of the April Fair. The April fair happens every year in the spring time (the dates change) and it is 5 days of celebration. Girls in full flamenco dresses are driven around the town in beautiful carriages and fine horses. Flamenco dances and music is always around and every evening is a bull fight that sells out the whole arena. The festivities end with a giant fireworks display and it is a very fun event.
  • Moros y Cristianos

    Moros y Cristianos
    Moros y Cristianos is a festival celebrating the Battle of Alcoy in 1272 in which St. George defeated the moorish forces. The biggest festival (there are many throughout spain) in Alcoy is held from April 21 to the 25. There is much celebration with fireworks, many battle reanactements, bands, and dressing up as the soldiers. All year roand the people of alaconia are planning, funding, and organizing the next festival. It is sad when it comes to an end; but theres next yea to look forward to!
  • Pamplona Bull Run

    Pamplona Bull Run
    The Bull Run in pamplona happens every year on july 6. It is a very popular festival where people can run the streets with many bulls loose. It is very dangerous but is also a historic event that is said to first take place in the 13th century. The runners start at the gates at 7:30 and the track is 825 metres long. The runners run with the bulls and try to make it to the end. Crowds watch the historic event behind fences and watch the intense event.
  • Castellers De Vilafranca

    Castellers De Vilafranca
    The Castellers de Vilafranca are a group of men, woman, and children who climb each other and balance on each others shoulders in the form of a castle. This happens in many villages in catalonia area spain. It started in the 1700s when it was a popular dance to climb each others shoulders to make the castle shapes. Usually this was only with a small number of people; But it grew into the phenomenon that is the castellers today. Peole love to watch them because it is such a intense spectacle.
  • La Tomatina Tomato Fight

    La Tomatina Tomato Fight
    This Tomato Fight in Bunol spain is very famous for the crowds as big as 20,000 people all flooding into the street for the fight. It begins at 11:00 and ends at 1:00. The streets of this small town of 9,000, are covered in red with the constant splattering of tomatoes. The most believable origin of the fight is said to happen in 1945 when some teens started to throw tomatoes during a parade. It then grew to what it is today, a giant festival.