Chapter 25 timeline

  • Woolworth Building

    One of the first skyscrapers created in New York
  • KKK reborn

    Klu Klux Klan was reestablilshed on Thanksgiving night 1915
  • Eighteenth ammendment passed by congress

    prohibbitting the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages
  • literacy test

    congress enacted a literacy test that reduced the number of immigrants alllowed in the country.
  • 50 years and other poems

    published by James Weldon Johnson. commented on the half century of suffering following the emancipation proclaimation.
  • ratification complete

    Nebraska was the last state to ratify the 18th ammendment
  • bombings

    a series of bombings an dbomb threats, thought to be communists hit cities around the US
  • Palmer raids

    a massive round up of foreign- borns by attourny general Mitchell Pakmer
  • Volstead Act

    banned most commercial production and distribution of bewverages containing more that .5% of alcohol by volume
  • Sacco and Vanzetti arrested

    without due process for robbery and murder. sentanced to death
  • 19th ammendment passed

    granted women the right to vote
  • emergency immigration act

    congress passed this act to reduce the flow of immigrants to the US even more
  • Sheppard-Towner Act

    provided for federal aide to establish state programs for maternal and infant health care
  • Equal rights amendment

    stated that men and women shall have equal rights throught the US and every place subject to its jurisdiction
  • National Origins Quota Act

    limited immigration from Europe to 150,000 a year, allocated most available slots to immigrants from Great britain, Ireland, Germany, and Scandinavia and banned all Asian immigrants
  • sports craze

    more than 20 million fans attended baseball games in 1927
  • Herbert Hoover elected

    defeated Alfred Smith by a landslide
  • electricity

    by 1929, 70% of all indutrial power came form electricity
  • 18th ammendment repealed

    repealed due to urban resistance
  • KKK disbands

    although they declined after the 20's, they didnt officially disband untill 1944