spain project

  • Apr 22, 1275

    Moros y Cristianos

    Armies march all day to the sound of thier on band. They get ready for war and fight. Two days later the city is filled with roar of the battle as the gunpowder fills up the town like fog. The battle goes on all day. The festival is topped off with hundereds of blanks fired with thier blunderbusses making it the noisiest festival of Spain.
  • Seville Fair

    This fair usually offically begins at midnight on a monday and ast for 6 days till next Sunday. Each day the festival begins with the parade of carriages and riders, at midday carrying Seville's leading citizens. This festival was origanally celibrated by two councillors. Queen Isabel II agreed to the proposal. So the first festival was held on April 18,1847 in Prado de San Sebastian.
  • La Tomatina

    Some men wanted to stage a brawl infront of the whole crowd, and there was a near by vegetable stand. So they picked up some tomatoes and threw them at each other. But the police had to break up the fight or brawl and pay for the damage. The next year the same people brought there own tomatoes and repeated the sam thing. This kept going on an on and finally in 1950 the council allowed this to become a yearly party.
  • Pamplona Bull

    The way this festival starts is thousands of people standing outside and waiting for the mayor to annouce the start of the festival. This fetival includes bullrunning and riding. Now more than 400 active people making the towers with no discrimination. They all share the same goals, building the human tower, democratic values, cooaperating and teamwork.
  • Castellers de Vilafranca

    What these people litrially do is create a solid base foundation of bodies. This fountation is made of 10 to 12 year olds standing on top of eachothers shoulders! They also have bright green shirts that resemble how close they are to there festival and religon. They usually build 400 towers of people all around town. And if you fell off 100 people would be there to catch you. THey celebrate this because two rival groups made towers just like the one they do now.