JSH and AJO Spain Holidays

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  • Jul 6, 1200


    Pamplona or the running of the bulls takes place in San Fermin, Spain. People run in front of a small group of bulls that have been let loose on a section of town streets. The length is 825 metres and the average time is 3 minutes. It started when men would try to speed the process of moving cattle by using fear and excitement. It then turned into a competition.
  • Moros y Cristianos

    It is a celebration that acts out the battles between the Arabs and
    Christians that happened in this region along the spanish coast. Soldiers from Merrakesh, Mudejares, Abencerrajes, and Benimerines all get ready for war. The mood is very festive.
  • Castellers de Vilafranca

    Castellers de Vilafranca
    This tradition started when a Valencian dance called the Ball de Valencians where people balanced on each others shoulders became popular. This dance has now become the current holiday. The dance started in the 1800s when two rival groups of farmers and craftsmen had competiitions. This festival takes place in Catolonia, Spain.
  • La Feria de Abril

    La Feria de Abril started as a cattle ttrading fair in 1847, but has now become a week long flamenco dancing festival. It happens in Seville, Spain. Jose Maria Ybarra and Narciso Bonaplata started the original cattle trade.
  • La Tomatina

    La Tominata is a tomato throwing fight that takes place in Bunyol, Spain. No one really know the origins of this strange holiday but the most plausible explaination is that some kids started throwing tomatoes at a giant in a parade. They continued to do this next year and the strange tradion caught on.