DK Spain Holiday

  • La feria de abril

    It starts off with women wearing dresses ride into the parade. At this festival there is a lot of dancing and singing.
  • Moros y Cristianos

    In this festival they do a lot of fighting. 28 armies come into an arena and fight against each other for fun. The people start preparing costumes for a long time. The armies' bands march around all day long in the streets.
  • Castellers de Vilafranca

    In this holiday the people do a lot of dancing. They try to build the highest tower made up of people. The people with the biggest pyramid wins. This happens in the summer.
  • Pamplona Bull Run

    It is celebrated by first the mayor comes out and announces that the fiesta has begun and at the same time rockets fly into the air. All of the people of Spain celebrate this holiday. The people celebrated it with all of the other people. They are not celebrating this holiday for anymone famous except for the author who first wrote about this holiday. Some of the activities that they do is watch the bull fighting, go to the market, dance and listen to music.
  • La Tomatilla

    All they do in this holiday is throw tomatoes. The people of Spain do all of the celebrating and they do not celebrated this holiday for anyone. It just started in 1945 during a parade. Two people were argueing. One person got angry at another and so one of the people started throwing tomatoes at each other.