The French and Indian War (Austin Lonnie Johnny)

By aapp
  • Statr of King George's War

    Statr of King George's War
    Battle began between France and England
  • End of King George's War

    King Georg'e War ended
  • Start of the French and Indian War

    Beginning of the French and Indian War
  • The First Battle

    Washington defeats the British in a suprise attack
  • Attack on Fort Necessity

    Attack on Fort Necessity
    French and their alliances attacked this Fort. Started the French and Indian War.
  • Washington's Resignation

    Washington was blamed for Fort Necessity, he resigns
  • Declarations of War

    The British declared war on France
  • British/Indian Peace

    The British and Indians made peace with eachother
  • Battle of Quebec

    Battle of Quebec started, they surrendered to the British.
  • The end of the wars

    The British raised their flag above Detroit, ending the war
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris was signed after the Seven Years' War ended.
  • Proclamation

    British forbade colonists from settling west of the Appalachians