Finding My Hat

  • Genre explanation

    This book is considered a social issue book because the character gets picked on in school.
  • Book Summary

  • Moving to America from Korea

    Moving to America from Korea
    Jin-Han's parents move to america from korea because of little money and bad buisness. A few years after they arrive they have Jin-Han who is the main character.
  • Lost Hat

    Lost Hat
    Jin-Han loses his hat that his mom knit for him. He never forgot that memory his entire lifetime.
  • kindergarten starts

     kindergarten starts
    Jin-Han begins Kindergarten and s very sad about it because he likes being at home with his mom and dad. Like most children he is nervous to go to kindergarten. But finally he goes in.
  • New Baby

    New Baby
    Jin-Han's mom has a baby girl which they name Jin-Soo after Jin-Han. The baby came suddenly one day when Jin-Han's 'friends' were visiting and their mom and dad were eating dinner. It happened very fast and everybody had to leave at once "Jin-Han" his mother told him "you're going to be an older brother and they left for the hospital.
  • A new buisness

    A new buisness
    Jin-Han's parents open a wig store hoping to get more money that way. They rent a building and open the store in Memphis, Tenn- essee. During store hours Jin_han and Jin-Soo watch and play in the back of the store.
  • Angry Customer

    Angry Customer
    One day a woman comes into the shop and says she wants a wig made of human hair. Jin-Han's mom says in Korean "Look at her. She won't buy anything!" But Jin-Han;s dad just tells her to go get the wigs so she goes get it. The woman decides what she wants to buy but the price is $99.99 and she can't afford it. So she puts down $59 and tries to steal the wig by wearing it on her head and trying to walk out the door. But Jin-Han's mom comes and takes the wig off and they have a game of Tug-of-War.
  • Suprise!

    Jin-Han goes to a baby sitters's house and some boys said they are going to go underneath the house where they are forbidden to go. But still they go and Jin-Han is left on guard duty. When the babysitter comes out JIn-Han tattletales on the boys. They are punished and while Jin-Han is eating PB&J his mom and dad suprise him by bringing out a birthday cake and celebrating.
  • Moving!

    Jin-Han's father heard about hte oil mining in Texas and decides to go there hoping to get money out of the people who mine oil. Jin-Han is very angry to have to move to Texas. He said he will miss his friends and neighbors.
  • A new freind

    A new freind
    One day a man walks in and while he's trying on wigs Jin-Han's father brings up the subject thst he has a son named Tyrone. the man says he also has a son that knowshow to ride a bike. Jin-han has a bike but doesn't know how to ride it so he asks if Tyrone can come over and teach Jin-Han how to.
  • A Robbery!

    A Robbery!
    A robber robs the wig store of its money by pointing a gun at Jin-Han's mother and demanding to open the cash register and give him all the money in there.
  • The party

    The party
    Jin-Han gets invited to a party and decides to attend it. At the party he dances and has a good time. For once he feels that he fits in and he does'nt feel left out of anything because he's korean. After that party he never feels left out of anything.
  • Cancer

    Jin-Han's mom discovers she has cancer but has a 90% chance to live. But still Jin-Hn is very mad and frustrated that his mom is sick. His little sister Jin-Soo takes this even more seriously and wept about it for a long time.
  • Tragedy

    Jin-Han's mom dies and a lot of relatives from Korea come to the funeral. Jin-Han meets a lot of people he has never seen before and is happy he finally hets to meet and know them. And they have all com to mour the loss of Rosa Park. During the ceremony Jin-Han's dad jumps on the coffin and cries. Jin-Han thinks