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Literacy autobiography

  • born, one of two

    born on this day adn a suprise for our parents, there were 2 of us! The journey into literacy has a partner for a few years anyway.
  • Period: to

    my literacy journey

  • Reading goodnight stories

  • Green Eggs and Ham

    Green Eggs and Ham
  • Reading Babar stories with my sisters

  • individualized reading program for 2 years

    fourth and fifth grade brought a new concept to how reading was done for me. We were allowed to choose our own books and had to report on them. The program was revalutionary at the time but really advanced my reading skills.
  • discovered Nancy Drew Mysteries

  • Discovered Andrew Greeley, and reading by author series

  • Going to college University of Pittsburgh

    Going to college  University of Pittsburgh
    Learning to really read for content not just information
  • University of South Florida

    University of South Florida
    transfered to USF for Education degree
  • Children's Literature Class at USF

    Itntroduced to the wonders of children's literature in this class. I LOVE to read children's books. There are so many possibilities to choose from.
  • graduation University of South Florida BA in Education

    graduation University of South Florida BA in Education
    read lots of content in text books to get here. Found out that the real learning started now.
  • Get to read to my new niece, Katie

    Katie is born and I get to buy her books and read to her. Introducing her to all my favorites!
  • Another niece to read to, Welcome Christine

  • Niece #3 Cindy, now I have a reading group!

  • Nephew #1 Now to look for boy books to share with him!

  • First home computer and internet access

    now I can explore sites for information on what I need to know
  • Move to public edcuation special education class

    I moved from teaching at the State School for Severely Handicapped to a public school district and a cross catagorical classroom. The students seem very able and like they really do not need much help! I enroll for a methods class in general edcation.
  • Discovered Janet Evonovich series with Stephanie Plum

    borrowed the series from a friend and read until I had finished the series as far as she had read it. Introduced my nieces and sister to the series and now we share when the nre one comes out.
  • first laptop purchased/ internet on the go

    now I am able to explore as I need too for my on line class. This is a first for me and I am not sure I like it. Decide by the end of the class that a class format of 100% on line is not for me.
  • First internet class

  • Graduation from Baker University MAEd

    Graduation from Baker University MAEd
    lots more reading in content area to learn more about general edcuation practices and theories.
  • Niece #4, Cora is born, a new baby to share books with!

    Niece #4, Cora is born, a new baby to share books with!
  • was introduced to Susan Albert Wittig series with China Bales

  • Introduced to the PLWP summer academy

    Introduced to the PLWP and Heidi, Kathy and Stacia. This is now our third year of the grant and I feel so much more qualified to teach writing
  • Summer CLass PLWP Lathrop High School

    Learned about Place based writing and digital composition! So much to learn in a week. Jenn, Tylor and Debbie taught us so much. My brain was on overload most of the week.